A Wonderful review to cheer up a frozen day!

shadow-over-avalon-twitter-page1Seriously Good Read!
February 5, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Shadow Over Avalon had everything that I look for when I read a fantasy novel. There were so many layers to this story that I had a hard time pulling myself away from it. Without giving too much away, the story of Arthur and Shadow really drove this book. Watching how the timelines of these two unraveled is really what captivated me. Not to mention the world of Avalon itself was marvelous.
This book builds a world without being too into the world itself. You can see yourself in Avalon with its people, as well as with the Terrans on the surface. Shadow Over Avalon is incredibly detailed without there being too much fluff. I would say this is one of the best fantasy novels I have read in a long time. The ever-looming presence of The Archive gives you the feeling that there is much more to the story than is written. I highly recommend this book and honestly cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

Time is not Linear.

Time varies for each person and is fluid rather than linear. A sweeping statement, yes, but provable by each person by applying memory. Think of time as grains of sand stored in a huge hour glass. When a person is born then the top chamber is filled with grains of sand and time passes when a grain drops to the bottom chamber. However, sand is abrasive and takes a tiny film off the gateway with every passage of every grain. What starts out as a slow and endless passage turns to a trickle and then a stream, followed by a torrent.

Who remembers the golden days of summer in childhood? They went on forever, didn’t they? A whole lifetime spent in the sun, or it felt like that at the time. Who remembers waiting for xmas and it never seemed to be getting any nearer?  Now listen to an older person when they say they don’t know where time has gone since it is passing so quickly.

On that note, who is ready for xmas? I am almost there.

Life After Sears.

Very soon, in weeks or even days, there will be no more Sears department stores in our malls. It is going to be very strange and I have to wonder if the malls will survive without what is one of their last anchor stores. The single survivor is the Hudson Bay Company and for how long?

Sears has been a way of life for ever. We lost Woolco, Zellers, Kmart and a few years back, Marks and Spencers as well as Etons, but Sears was always there. All the stores gone put up xmas displays and it was worth going in to just look. Sears had an awesome display but now? Shells of stores remain with what is left of stock being condensed for sale at not very enticing prices for a closing out sale. It seems what it not sold will go to Sears in the U.S so they mostly have things at only 30% off.

Yes, the Bay stores will have their xmas displays and still be there but I note their stock is much reduced from what it once was.  If they go, what will happen to the malls? Probably closure and redevelopment into housing.  This will be a major nuisance as then we will be left with the shopping common complexes, which means driving from one store to the other and that miserable search for parking, especially in winter, unlike the multistory car parking in the malls. In turn, this will probably mean more people will buy online and have stuff shipped to their door. Not good for the economy with the loss of retail jobs. Sometimes change is not good, or progressive.