Poet’s corner

The Ivory Towercropped-jasper-vacation2011-105.jpg

Avert thine eyes from the gleaming tower lest it reft them away. Someone once warned, before they, too, became lost. Too late.

Gleaming stones shatter souls in their bright majesty. Who guesses the building blocks came from darkness and misery? Run.

Stones the bones of rejected kindness and compassion laid waste. Mortar oozed from the cruelty only man can birth into might. Flee the tentacles.

Roots go deep as the blood spilled on the fields of many wicked battles. Blood from hearts once filled with love and hope. No more.

Think the reflection of a face from a window will be company inside the tower? She cannot even bear to look directly upon life. Not ever again.

Come closer and the hurt will vanish. The pain will be no more and you too can be safe within the pristine walls. Come, new hermit.