New idea for a story.

Oh, and the picture is what snow looks like, since it is topical at the moment. My fence is six feet high. The snow is half way up in this picture.


The supplicant knelt, head bowed, in the place of darkness, waiting for a sign, but none came.

“What should I do? One has grievously wounded me and I may never recover. Shall I smite them back?”

A rustling of dry scales rubbing together came from the darkest corner.

“Nothing. Do nothing,” came the sibilant reply.

“Then shall I have no justice?” The supplicant peered, blindly in the direction of the hissing voice.

“Time will bring justice. Time levels all.”

“The culprit will mock me if I do nothing.”

Scales rustled, restless. “The wound can not be ungiven and must heal or fester, as you will it. Hurting back solves no problems. The one who causes hurt must answer in the end as must all. Then, only then will you see justice done. Remember, justice is blind and takes the part of no man. The tip of the balance will decided the matter.”

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Friday the thirteenth

Well, it got off to a wonderful start at 2.30 a.m this morning when the fire alarm started to intermittently squeak.  Not a shrill and continuous alarm, but a squeak followed by another in between two to four minutes. We both got up to check the house and I also felt the walls for hot spots, just in case, although there was no smell of smoke. It stopped for about ten minutes and then restarted and I got up at that point. I can’t sleep through that in the first place and in the second, it this was a real problem, I don’t want the only clothes on my back to be my pjs. Anyhow, looking up the problem on the web indicated that maybe there was a problem with a battery. Now my dh had said they were run off the mains, but it said there was always a battery back up in case of a power outage, which made sense. It also said that if they were low they would start squeaking in the middle of the night when the house was coldest. Again, made a lot of sense as the dh turns down the heating. I turned it up a few notches and there is now silence. Yay!

Too late to be able to sleep, though and I won’t be able to nap later as I am waiting for the delivery of Chalice of Shadows paperbacks. They are coming from Amazon, which unlike Ingram’s, does not consider it needs to pay customs duty so there will be a charge. The delivery person also has a problem actually relinquishing parcels, preferring to creep up to the front door with a ‘You were out’ hanger ready in his hand to whip over the door handle and run back to his van. No knock and no ring of the bell. I have watched him doing it a few times now. If he can manage to do this on three consecutive days, then I will have to go to the airport and pick them up for myself as the customs will still have to be paid. No, I have no idea what motivates anyone to behave like this and can only assume this is how he gets his jollies. Anyhow, no nap for me as I must listen out of the van, whether it comes or not.

Being sleep deprived, I can’t see that I will be writing today. Not with a brain of mush. However, I do have to edit Staff of Shadows, the next in the Shadow series that I finished before xmas. It needs a thorough going over before I turn it in to my publishers. This will take a few days as it comes in at around the 100k mark. Also in the pipeline is the production of Darkspire Reaches as an audio book and I see I have several new chapters that I need to listen to and approve. This latter will be out this year, which is exciting.

Now to tank up on coffee and hope today has finished with its nastiness.









Five star review for Serpent of the Shangrove.



Serpent-of-the-Shangrove-Digital-Cover-1-641x1024What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this review this morning! Does happy dance.

Serpent of the Shangrove

5 out of 5 stars What a wonderful world! January 5, 2017
What a wonderful world(s) Ms. Hull has created! I love anything to do with dragons, so I was instantly swept up in the adventure from the gate. I loved Kryling! Such an adorable companion. It was an excellent treatment of the lengths jealousy and hatred can send people. And who hasn’t had a childhood love turned sour? In this case, the two combine to send the hero out into a fast-paced quest for justification. The imagination in creating the worlds is impressive and the layers are complex. I recommend this book for anyone who likes well-constructed high fantasy defined by strong characters.