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Kheld King by L. Stephens

Book cover for The Kheld King (The Triempery Revelations Book 2) by L. Stephens

I greatly enjoyed the first book of the series, The Sordaneon, and was eagerly awaiting this book. It jumped me straight back into a wonderful story. The mark of a great book is how much a reader cares about the characters as they read and afterwards and this story delivers in aces.

One of the things I most liked was the rounded characters. The heros didn’t always act in a goodly manner and the bad guys had their good points, or nearly all of them did. The one who represented total evil wasn’t human any longer but was still fascinating in the way he progressed along his chosen path. There are sad moments, as well as happy ones for all of the regular guys and the demigod, Dorian, who so wants to protect his people.

Another magnificent thing about this story is its uniqueness. There are entities manifest in the Rill, a machine creature that can transport goods and people vast distances in seconds, but can also be deadly. Then there is the Wall, a structure giving an insight into what will come to pass to its chosen people.

Then there is the intricate way the story weaves together in ways that cannot be predicted. I love guessing, even if I am often wrong. Fortunately, I understand there will be a third book, which I am so looking forward to acquiring. Highly recommended.

Review of Sordaneon by L.L Stevens

This is the sort of book so thrilling that I could have raced through it but it is like a very fine wine, something to be savored and relished, slowly and with attention to detail as it is the first in a series I am relieved to say. It is a story that sticks by a reader throughout the day so that when reading time comes around it is with utter joy.

Dorillian Sordaneon is the main character and this opens with him as a child, rescuing his baby brother in horrendous circumstances. He is no ordinary child, but a High born and his bloodline have an affinity for an entity called the Rill, which is something like an elegant cross between a high speed train and a plane, having its own stations. The Rill, however, is sentient, recognizing those stations as part of its body but it will only listen to a Sordaneon, which means only they can raise a new station, if any dare, for the risk is enormous to themselves.

Marc Frederick is a secondary main character and it is his intent to prevent a catastrophe happening in the future, as predicted by the Wall, another entity, that is linked to his family. His goal is to keep Dorillian alive because without him, the Rill will fail and all commerce and connection to other countries is dependent on the entity. Others have different plans, dark plans and time is running out of both Marc Frederick and Dorillian.

My one and only gripe with this book is that I can’t immediately start the next book in the series and will have to wait for it to be published. This is a sadness as I would place this story up with Dune, by Frank Herbert and Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R Tolkein. It is that much of a classic.

My review for ‘On the reality mytholgy and fantasies of Unicorns’ by Walter Williams

Book cover for The Reality, Mythology, and Fantasies of Unicorns by W. B. J. Williams

Unicorns have always fascinated me and I assumed they were mythical creatures, like Pegasus or the Sirens. Not so as proved beyond a shadow of doubt in this wonderful book. The beast has evolved over time in the imaginations of mankind, but its roots are very firmly established in a now extinct specimen, or maybe it is still in some undisturbed valley, far from people? The one-horned creature was not a pretty white horse type beast with a silver horn on its forehead, but something huge and aggressive, more like a rhinoceros. What I found particularly fascinating was the correlations between cultures of something mysterious, with one horn, that was impossible to capture and that tasted bitter. Something made this creature a prize and why not the belief that its horn had curative properties? Various holy books also speak of such a creature and there are illustrations stretching back into dim antiquity. I am enthralled to learn the beast was real!

This is a book to savor slowly and enjoy to the fullest. I can see I will be going back again and again to dip into the pages. Highly recommended.

New Release!

“Human Lily and wolven Rowan get involved in a centuries-long fight between human-seeming werewolves and a scheming, immortal vampire with a revenge axe to grind. And no one comes out of the conflict unchanged.”

And here is a small snippet.

A rustle in a nearby tree spun him around. Stanislav Borinsky, now called Jack Stevens, crouched on a limb, his eyes glinting in the moonlight. The vampire watched, waiting, intent on the cabin of the truck.

“Where is she, old wolf? What have you done with her? You know you will tell me when I’ve finished with you. Why not spare us both the inconvenience?”

Rowan assessed the killing field with a swift glance. Every boulder, depression, fallen branch, mapped in his head, every slight depression or hummock in the snow; he smiled at the old bat. “Borinsky, you missed the boat by so much, the ticket office closed down hours since. She will never be your prey.”

The vampire leaped off his perch to float gracefully to the ground. “I will have her. I won’t have my operations disrupted by a human. You must see this from my point of view. I need Mullen to front my North American operation and she has fingered him. What is a puny human to us? Come, give me the girl and I will forgive what your pack did to my men.”

 “The girl is mine. Shall we fight?” Bring it on. It was past time they stopped dancing around each other and settled this for good. This wasn’t about Lily any longer, or about Borinsky wrecking his human identity. It was about who was going to survive.

Borinsky hesitated, looking into the shadows of the forest. “How careless you have become in your dotage. Your pack appears conspicuous by their absence. One last chance. Where did you leave her, and where is she going?”

A whiff of frigid air brought the scent of wolf. Rowan did have a pack-mate, but was she on his side? The old bat missed the spore of a werewolf. Too bad for him. “How about you consider giving up flying? Sink your fangs into me, and that is what will happen.”

Borinsky snapped his cloak back from his shoulders. “What makes you think I would want to ruin my dental hygiene on your sorry carcass? We both know I am stronger than you in your current form. I’ll settle for snapping your back to let you freeze to death.” He rose from the ground, floating into battle position.

A sleek gray wolf sprang out of the bush, bounded to the truck bed, and then onto the roof of the cab. She crouched, ready to spring, her glowing eyes intent on the vampire’s throat. The vampire sailed up onto his former perch, shaking out his cloak like ruffled feathers. “That is not a wolf.”

Rowan smiled again. “Not all of my pack are lupine. Shall we discover what happens when a vampire gets bitten by one of my kind? Normally, I am kind to new pups, but in your case I could make an exception. Oh, and by the way, if you want a fight, you had better get on with it. I spy a silver streak in the sky. Still, this shouldn’t be a problem for you in your new life.”

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Sylva Fae Author of the Week Blog Tour

Indie Lifer

Sylva Fae Sylva Fae

Introducing Sylva Fae

This week Mom’s Favorite Reads is featuring Sylva Fae. She writes children’s stories and loves beauty and nature. You’re certain to find her among the fae, listening and learning.

I first got to know author Sylva Fae in an online writing group and fell in love with her positive, gentle spirit. Her books are wonderful for young children, and my grandkids own more than one.

Mini Bio

Sylva Fae is a married mum of three from Lancashire, England. She grew up in a rambling old farmhouse with a slightly dysfunctional family and an adopted bunch of equally dysfunctional animals. She spent twenty plus years teaching literacy to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities but now lives in Cheshire, juggling being a mum, writing children’s stories and keeping up with the crazy antics of three naughty rabbits.

Her earliest memories are of bedtime stories snuggled up…

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