Review of Sordaneon by L.L Stevens

This is the sort of book so thrilling that I could have raced through it but it is like a very fine wine, something to be savored and relished, slowly and with attention to detail as it is the first in a series I am relieved to say. It is a story that sticks by a reader throughout the day so that when reading time comes around it is with utter joy.

Dorillian Sordaneon is the main character and this opens with him as a child, rescuing his baby brother in horrendous circumstances. He is no ordinary child, but a High born and his bloodline have an affinity for an entity called the Rill, which is something like an elegant cross between a high speed train and a plane, having its own stations. The Rill, however, is sentient, recognizing those stations as part of its body but it will only listen to a Sordaneon, which means only they can raise a new station, if any dare, for the risk is enormous to themselves.

Marc Frederick is a secondary main character and it is his intent to prevent a catastrophe happening in the future, as predicted by the Wall, another entity, that is linked to his family. His goal is to keep Dorillian alive because without him, the Rill will fail and all commerce and connection to other countries is dependent on the entity. Others have different plans, dark plans and time is running out of both Marc Frederick and Dorillian.

My one and only gripe with this book is that I can’t immediately start the next book in the series and will have to wait for it to be published. This is a sadness as I would place this story up with Dune, by Frank Herbert and Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R Tolkein. It is that much of a classic.

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