My review for ‘On the reality mytholgy and fantasies of Unicorns’ by Walter Williams

Book cover for The Reality, Mythology, and Fantasies of Unicorns by W. B. J. Williams

Unicorns have always fascinated me and I assumed they were mythical creatures, like Pegasus or the Sirens. Not so as proved beyond a shadow of doubt in this wonderful book. The beast has evolved over time in the imaginations of mankind, but its roots are very firmly established in a now extinct specimen, or maybe it is still in some undisturbed valley, far from people? The one-horned creature was not a pretty white horse type beast with a silver horn on its forehead, but something huge and aggressive, more like a rhinoceros. What I found particularly fascinating was the correlations between cultures of something mysterious, with one horn, that was impossible to capture and that tasted bitter. Something made this creature a prize and why not the belief that its horn had curative properties? Various holy books also speak of such a creature and there are illustrations stretching back into dim antiquity. I am enthralled to learn the beast was real!

This is a book to savor slowly and enjoy to the fullest. I can see I will be going back again and again to dip into the pages. Highly recommended.

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