Magic and Mystery


Green Man

The Green Man is that of a pagan nature spirit and of the renewed cycle of growth each spring, perhaps  evolved from older nature deities such as the Celtic Cernunnos and the Greek Pan and Dionysus, Or perhaps he also wears antlers on occasion and becomes Hern the Hunter, riding at the head of the Wild Hunt on a night that a star falls from heaven and a soul is lost.

This particular Green Man is from Rockie Mountain foliage and is mine. Permission will be needed from me to reproduce him outside of this article.

Ley lines, avenues of power? Watch to video. Two places are mentioned in it without photographs so here are mine. The first is part of what remains of Glastonbury Abby and the second is the headstone for the gravesite of Arthur and Gwynievere as discovered by the ancient monks, who didn’t happen to have a lure for pilgrims up until that fortuitous discovery. Pilgrims were very profitable and the lifeblood for any large religious institution. Just saying. The grave was opened and found to contain the remains of a very tall man and a blonde woman.