Kheld King by L. Stephens

Book cover for The Kheld King (The Triempery Revelations Book 2) by L. Stephens

I greatly enjoyed the first book of the series, The Sordaneon, and was eagerly awaiting this book. It jumped me straight back into a wonderful story. The mark of a great book is how much a reader cares about the characters as they read and afterwards and this story delivers in aces.

One of the things I most liked was the rounded characters. The heros didn’t always act in a goodly manner and the bad guys had their good points, or nearly all of them did. The one who represented total evil wasn’t human any longer but was still fascinating in the way he progressed along his chosen path. There are sad moments, as well as happy ones for all of the regular guys and the demigod, Dorian, who so wants to protect his people.

Another magnificent thing about this story is its uniqueness. There are entities manifest in the Rill, a machine creature that can transport goods and people vast distances in seconds, but can also be deadly. Then there is the Wall, a structure giving an insight into what will come to pass to its chosen people.

Then there is the intricate way the story weaves together in ways that cannot be predicted. I love guessing, even if I am often wrong. Fortunately, I understand there will be a third book, which I am so looking forward to acquiring. Highly recommended.

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