The first day today and that means two things. The first is that there are precisely 51 more days until the winter solstice when the daylight starts growing instead of shrinking. That is a milestone as I don’t like the huge darkness of this time of year a lot. Right now it is about 8.10 am and not a trace of dawn in the sky. This will be even worse next Sunday when 8 will become 7. Then the days really feel too short. On the flip side, I don’t believe I would like to live near the equator much as I had a big problem in Hawaii when the evenings were dark by six and dawn came long after I was up. I like my long summer days.

The second thing November means is the start of National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNo. Yes, I have enrolled and am working on the third book in the Darkspires series, entitled Writhe of Wurms.  Yes, I have actually written about five hundred words so far and am liking where the story is taking me. No, I have no idea what is going to happen. I am a pantzer and it will unfold to me as I write.

800 year old forest.

In case anyone wanted to know what one of these looked like, these pictures were taken on Vancouver Island.



Walking on the trails is free. The only rule is that if the wind picks up then one must leave with alacrity. The trees are likely to fall over and if they land on a person, that is where what remains of that person will be staying. It would be too difficult to remove such a huge tree in order to shovel up a smudge.


Interesting sights.


This is a picture of an active volcano on Big Island in Hawaii. From this point it is a five mile trek to the edge to see the lava. Quite a few of our party decided to venture forth, but I did not. There was a very nice cafe/gift shop and that is where I got a grand view from the terrace, comfortably seated with my coffee and dh while we watched the grand trek. Unfortunately, when they got there, the lava was not at home. IMG_0242







Untitled book about to begin

I was driving back from having a flu shot yesterday and looking over the now bare fields I saw a coyote trotting briskly under a  clear cerulean sky and being overflown by a flock of tardy geese. It occurred to me that winter was a mere breath away and that snow was coming to stay very soon. That being so, it is time to start a new book.

The Darkspires series is definitely calling to me this time as I already have a new book in the Shadow series waiting in line for a publishing spot. I don’t know what I am going to call it yet, or how it will end and yet snippets are coming to me in an ever increasing torrent. It is clear I won’t be able to work on anything else until I satisfy the needs of these characters to have their voices heard again.

Maybe they were roused out of hibernation by the recent release of ‘The Book of Dragons’ anthology, where Dragon’s Bane features among the stories and is set in the Darkspires world? If anyone is curious how the Drakken Connor ended up all alone here is the place to find out. It is available on all the Amazons and other major outlets.

Maybe I am listening harder as I am now finally starting to feel human again after another go around with bronchitis? It will be a few days before I can really write as I have a lot of house cleaning to do with everything being coated with builder’s dust. Yes, he could have put up a shield and didn’t. This will be the sixth time I have wiped down all the exposed surfaces and I doubt if it will be the last. Still, I now have a very beautiful new kitchen and hall floor in marbled tiles. Yeah.

Look what just got banned in Russia!

There is a story in this anthology from Moi called Dragon’s Bane. Ever wondered how Connor, the Drakken from Darkspire Reaches got stranded by himself? Here is where you can find out. And yes, we are banned in Russia. I wonder why?

Find inside, dragon stories of every sort. This is a candy fest for dragon lovers.




Book Review: Children of the Shaman by Jessica Rydill

Joanne Hall

Source: Book Review: Children of the Shaman by Jessica Rydill

A fine review of “Children of the Shaman” by Jessica Rydill, which is available from Kristell Ink – don’t forget that if you review any Kristell Ink book between now and the end of September let me know here on on Twitter (@hierath77) for the chance to win a paperback of Fight Like A Girl!

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