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Hello snow mold

Well, the melt is happening but that doesn’t mean to say there won’t be more snow. I am itching to get on the flowerbeds but I currently don’t own a jackhammer. I’ll have to wait another month before the ground is soft enough to work. In the meantime I am keeping clear as the mold under the snow is becoming exposed and I figure I have been sick enough this year.

I got some really foul bug in February that floored me completely and it still seems to be hanging on by one nasty claw. While my chest is now clear I am still so very tired. Right now I am supposed to be working on Writhe of Wurms, the third in the Darkspire series and it is as much as I can do to stay awake. Not impressed by this so have been taking loads of vitamin pills and now some iron ones, although the latter in moderation. I absolutely have to be fit by May as grandbaby #5 is going to be making his or her appearance. No, we don’t know which yet as the momma and pappa have one of each already and wish to be surprised.

On another note, I have started to accumulate all birthday and xmas presents well in advance after last year’s mess with the Canada post strike messing up xmas posting. What sympathy I may have had in their cause disappeared down the toilet at that point. So…this year I will be well prepared. I am shopping for both birthdays and xmas whenever I see something suitable for whoever it will please. To this end I have accumulated some great dragon mobile books for certain small boys for xmas. Hopefully, everything will be done by the end of summer.

So, not being able to get on my yard doesn’t mean I haven’t started planning my hanging baskets and planters. I know already I will need more planter pots as the frost has cracked a few. Now that was my bad as I should have taken them into the garage and didn’t. So, themes for this year? I think one of the hanging baskets must be red, orange, and black with lime green foliage. Another one should be pastel. It is really going to depend on what is on offer round about Mother’s Day weekend when the greenhouses open for business. What I do want a fair number of is citronella, to keep the darn cat out of my boarders. Yes, it is my cat but I do not appreciate his horticultural inclinations of planting stink seeds that never grow.

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a bargain book to read, Darkspire Reaches ebook is currently 99c or thereabouts in all the Amazons.

Looking Forward to Spring.

Yes, I know it is not quite mid January and I know that my spring won’t get here until mid to late May, but the winter solstice has been and gone. Every day now is going to be lighter for longer. Not warmer, as January, February and March are the coldest months, but lighter. It is time to bring out the seed catalogues and start some planting.

I will admit to already having two hollyhock plants in pots that I seeded in the fall. I wanted to find out if I would get flowers this year if I did it that way. I also have a rather leggy tomato plant that I didn’t seed. It grew all by itself in my pot of chives. Whatever, I will pot it out in spring and see what happens. Right now I am thinking of more hollyhocks, some lupin, pinks and petunias. Those are the things needing to be planted right now.

Maybe I should go look in the garage to see if I have any potting compost? It will need to be thawed if I have. If not, the stores are now absolutely guaranteed to have started pushing gardening stuff. I would take a bet on racks of seeds being on display today when we go shopping. I would also be astonished if bulbs were also not available to buy, despite the minor factoid that a person would need a backhoe to be able to plant anything right now.

Flowers in the front.

There are more to go yet, and I have two hanging baskets up already, but the baskets aren’t full enough to show right now. No, these were not store bought arrangements. These are all me doing my thing.