Life After Sears.

Very soon, in weeks or even days, there will be no more Sears department stores in our malls. It is going to be very strange and I have to wonder if the malls will survive without what is one of their last anchor stores. The single survivor is the Hudson Bay Company and for how long?

Sears has been a way of life for ever. We lost Woolco, Zellers, Kmart and a few years back, Marks and Spencers as well as Etons, but Sears was always there. All the stores gone put up xmas displays and it was worth going in to just look. Sears had an awesome display but now? Shells of stores remain with what is left of stock being condensed for sale at not very enticing prices for a closing out sale. It seems what it not sold will go to Sears in the U.S so they mostly have things at only 30% off.

Yes, the Bay stores will have their xmas displays and still be there but I note their stock is much reduced from what it once was.  If they go, what will happen to the malls? Probably closure and redevelopment into housing.  This will be a major nuisance as then we will be left with the shopping common complexes, which means driving from one store to the other and that miserable search for parking, especially in winter, unlike the multistory car parking in the malls. In turn, this will probably mean more people will buy online and have stuff shipped to their door. Not good for the economy with the loss of retail jobs. Sometimes change is not good, or progressive.

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