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Small snippet from Darkspire Reaches

This is not text you will find in the free sample on Amazon. It is a tad further along in the book The sequel, Serpent of the Shangrove, is scheduled in the third quarter of 2015.

Digital Cover

Tonight they went beyond taunts. After the laughter died down, two of the silver-liveried servers grabbed her while a cook brought over a golden dish with a clear surface. He held it up so that she could see her reflection along with the faces of those that held her, their blue eyes and blond hair fading in the metallic gleam, making them men of gold. Her black hair looked as if it had a life of its own with the golden overtones. She was out of place among all these fair folk in her darkness.

Not for the first time, Raven wished Margie had returned her to the tribe people instead of keeping an abandoned child. Dark-haired First Born would not regard her as so ugly. A shudder ran through her at the thought of the child-eating wyvern they worshiped. Perhaps the old woman had lied to keep Raven tied to her. Maybe it wasn’t much bigger than a firedrake. The Angressi soldiers didn’t seem to hold the beast in any great fear.

Mind Tricks.

I had a strange revelation this morning and maybe it is because I am not entirely awake, having not yet had my second cup of coffee. Yes, it is currently very dark o clock. I can’t sleep as usual. Anyhow, I was working on Facebook and it came to me how I pictured my friends on there.

Now this is the weird thing as most of you have profile pictures and some of you I have met in person, but I tend to think of your name in letters when I am reading your post or thinking of you on that site. Not the known image or memories, the written name. This is the identifying factor, much more than the profile picture, which may or may not have your image. I wonder if it is because most profile pictures tend to change, but a name does not?

Aside from that, I was idly playing with thoughts on what I would like to be on the cover of the second Otherworld series book, Serpent of the Shangrove. Now it absolutely has to have a dragon. That is a given. I think I would rather like the dragon/serpent to be in the Shangrove. Oh and I do have an image in my mind for that. It is on this trailer.

Digital Cover

Shadow Over Avalon-Awesome Review

5.0 out of 5 stars THE LIMITS OF THE MIND April 29, 2014
By Robert
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Growing up fantasy books to me were Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarks. Then for many years I did not read any fantasy or science fiction. On recommendation from a friend I purchased SHADOW OVER AVALON. That night I went to bed, normally reading for thirty minutes before I turn the lights off.At 4am I finished the book. It is a mesmerizing story, fast paced, with a plot that verges on being beyond imagination – people below the ocean, people on the surface, creatures from space, all woven into the fabric of the future so tightly you are there. For the lovers of fantasy works you SHOULD read this book.

April 18th, Northern Hemisphere.

I was hoping to go rake the thatch out of the grass today. I was thinking about putting some of my outside plants, you know, actually outside on the deck. I was going to cut some pussy willow branches off one of my trees for an inside flower arrangement over Easter. But no. In the hours of darkness a shroud of white did fall upon the land. (AKA snow on all horizontal surfaces. About three inches of it.)

This is April in Alberta, a landlocked Province that merges into the Rocky Mountains to the west. We are at a high elevation, about 300ft above sea level, so yes, this is not unusual. What it is is flocking annoying when a person is antsy to get on their yard and has actually seen the brown stuff that will become grass with a bit of sunlight and encouragement. 

Yes, I know full well that I will not be putting out any bedding plants until the last week in May. There are too many night frosts to risk anything before then. However, I was hoping to put out my sprouted roses in containers. House temperatures and heating are very dehydrating for them and I want them to have a good start in my new, (when I can get a fork in the ground, and don’t need a jack hammer), rose garden. 

What I shall do, aside from a big spring clean of the house, is plant my begonias in containers. They should be sprouted nicely by the time I am able to plant them outside. I could also sew some seeds in containers on windowsills. Yes, that sounds like a plan. I can pretend it is spring.

The Blood Moon

Well I have never seen one of these before and being in Western Canada, the timing of the event was not going to be that late. It was due to start at midnight, our time. I thought this would worth the extra waking hours, especially given the proximity of the planet Mars, and duly went for it.

Eagerly, I peeked out of first one window and then, in increasing chagrin, others.  I eventually located something that looked like a fuzzy cotton ball behind a multitude of frosted glass layers. I miserably failed to see the planet Mars, which may have been balefully lurking behind the dense layers of cirrostratus clouds that spitefully scudded into place after sundown. Disappointed, I went to bed, but I did set my internal alarm clock to wake me in approximately one hour in case the chance of a breeze might put a window in the fuzzy mess. Um no. Not only hadn’t the clouds shifted at 1:30 am, but they had become more so. I was unable to locate the moon, bloody or otherwise. Major fail.

Of course, this just gives me another reason to go after the weather fairy with a punt gun. LOL.


I fully admit I get my best book ideas from dreams, but not this latest one. This was a no no from the get go.

Imagine a very nasty resort in a very swampy region with very unclean water. Now add nasty ‘things’ just below the surface with bodies like giant slugs that are dangerous and will eat people. Add to that filthy, dirty cabins and no fun things to do for tiny kiddies. This would be us and our daughters and they would be five to months old at the time. For some strange reason, only logical in dreams, we had taken the baby’s wooden cot with us. Now add a black, mist like presence to haunt the cabin and us trying to get the aforesaid cot out of the cabin so we could pack the car to leave early from this nightmare vacation. 

Nope, not one I will be using. It fails, not from the yuk factor, but because it has no ongoing plot or structure, aside from the factoid that I never write about real people. 

On the flip side, as there always is one, my next dream, after I woke from the nightmare and drifted off again, gave me the plot for the fourth book in my Shadow series. I have the main character and all the whys and wherefors. I have these written down now. 

Nope, I will not be working on this any time soon. I have the finishing touches to put to the third Shadow book and also I have Serpent of the Shangrove to finish as a sequel to Darkspire Reaches. Added to that, I am working on a very dark science fiction stand alone book I would like to finish before I start on any new projects. Shadow three, probably entitled ‘Chalice of the Shadows’, although that does depend on what my publisher thinks as to the title, and Serpent of the Shangrove, ditto,  are high priority. I am working on the three at the same time as I can get more wordage out.

 The good news is I am told Sword of Shadows is set for release in September of this year. Yay!!!!!

Busy, busy, busy.

I will be looking in to social media sites first thing in the morning, when I answer my emails, and last thing at night, when I am on my laptop. I am fully committed in the next two months with things I have promised to do, my own work and marketing. I don’t have the physical time to take on anything new. Sorry about that. It is what it is. 

My ongoing commitments include helping with the debut launch of an awesome Sci Fi book written by a BFF, Rhonda Garcia. Lex Talionis is one of those special books that occur once in a lifetime. I can’t reiterate how awesome this book is. There are plot layers, fantastic characters, incredible setting … I could wax lyrical until the sun rises and sets again. Please look out for this one. 

Decisions, decisions.

Alrighty then, I have the stats in from Wattpad. I already know my contractual obligations and I will be working on those, which are not posted on that site. I wanted a third runner to work with alongside those. Angelus it is. This is a pure sci fi and is a tad different. No surprises there, coming from me. LOL. 

For some obscure reason, I need to work on three at once. Three is the magic number as it is the maximum I can load on my wide screen monitor and still have a good view. I find the need to jump from one story to another and I get a lot more wordage written in that way instead of concentrating on just one. My goal is to get two finished into first draft by the end of March. I am so serious about this that I will be limiting my time on social media until this is accomplished.