Decisions, decisions.

Alrighty then, I have the stats in from Wattpad. I already know my contractual obligations and I will be working on those, which are not posted on that site. I wanted a third runner to work with alongside those. Angelus it is. This is a pure sci fi and is a tad different. No surprises there, coming from me. LOL. 

For some obscure reason, I need to work on three at once. Three is the magic number as it is the maximum I can load on my wide screen monitor and still have a good view. I find the need to jump from one story to another and I get a lot more wordage written in that way instead of concentrating on just one. My goal is to get two finished into first draft by the end of March. I am so serious about this that I will be limiting my time on social media until this is accomplished. 

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