The Blood Moon

Well I have never seen one of these before and being in Western Canada, the timing of the event was not going to be that late. It was due to start at midnight, our time. I thought this would worth the extra waking hours, especially given the proximity of the planet Mars, and duly went for it.

Eagerly, I peeked out of first one window and then, in increasing chagrin, others.  I eventually located something that looked like a fuzzy cotton ball behind a multitude of frosted glass layers. I miserably failed to see the planet Mars, which may have been balefully lurking behind the dense layers of cirrostratus clouds that spitefully scudded into place after sundown. Disappointed, I went to bed, but I did set my internal alarm clock to wake me in approximately one hour in case the chance of a breeze might put a window in the fuzzy mess. Um no. Not only hadn’t the clouds shifted at 1:30 am, but they had become more so. I was unable to locate the moon, bloody or otherwise. Major fail.

Of course, this just gives me another reason to go after the weather fairy with a punt gun. LOL.

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