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Interview with Steven J. Guscott author of Book of Prophecy.

Hi Steve, and Welcome. Would you like to begin by telling the readers something about yourself?
Hi, I’m Steve (Steven J. Guscott). I was born in England, spent my teens and yearly-mid twenty’s in Scotland, and I now live back in England. I’m twenty-seven and wish more than anything to own a Dragon.

My two main obsessions in life have been doing sports and reading books (now writing them). I’m a total dork/geek/nerd. I can be very serious when necessary, and I do over-think life a lot, but most of the time I’m an absolute child. I love just being silly, and am thankful that I have four nieces and a nephew that allow me to let this side out and use them as my cover.

What is/are your book/series about and what inspired you to write it?
The  Book of Prophecy

The Book of Prophecy, is my first book. It is set on a different world in a very simple society. The story follows Dragatu and his family. They own a secret book, The Book of Prophecy, and it contains the future. Dragatu is told about it by his father, but he is not meant to read it until he’s older. Dragatu cannot help himself and the story deals with the consequences of his action, what happens between him and his two brothers, and how fragile life can be when you are given incredible power.

The inspiration came at the beginning of 2010. I was thinking it would be awesome to write a story. I had no idea where to start so I forgot about the idea. A few weeks later, on a very sleep deprived night, I was thinking about a few random things and the name Dragatu came in my head. I thought it was a cool name for a character, but then fell asleep. Luckily, the next day I remember the name and started adding the world he lived in, his family and lots of ideas and themes that I like, such as choice/predestination, morality and its grey areas, fight scenes, love, nature, and philosophy.

How long did the first one take to write and how many times did you go through it before it was finally done?

*…takes deep breath in remembered pain*

Before I answer, let me tell you two things: I’m not a patient person when it comes to wanting something, and I started writing this story with only a past in academic writing under my belt.

I started from scratch. I wrote the first draft and an outline for a series of three stories in four months in 2010 (still edited it right up until publishing aug 2014). However, my writing was terrible. I edited and edited and edited, and was still really bad. However, I felt the ideas were good enough so endured my short comings and tried to learn, and slowly I did improve. I was helped by a lot of people, mainly my publisher Sammy HK Smith, and I can’t remember how many full edits it took, maybe a hundred (no joke). Since then, it has evolved into a series of six, but who knows how long it will take to write them all.

Where do your settings come from? Are they taken from real places, made up entirely, or a conglomerate of the two?

Some of the setting is inspired by my favourite book, Dune.

One strange thing that happened was I realised some of the setting had been inspired by where I lived. At the time I lived in Stirling, Scotland and they have amazing hills stretching to make up part of the Forth Valley.

A year after writing the book I looked at the hills and was like ‘Whhooooh!! That’s the hills from my book!’ This unintentional use of things around me, or in my life/past, has happened a lot and it’s always fun to spot one. Some of the setting/plot has been conscious, but those subconscious ones always make my jaw drop.

Who is your favorite character and why?

I don’t really have a favourite character from the book. It’s strange, but in my mind they are real, and I try not to be judgmental. I know that’s a weird answer but that’s how I feel. If I really, really, really, had to pick a character I liked more, I would say it was Phoenon, one of Dragatu’s brother’s. He’s very innocent at times, and that is something I always put above other qualities.

Are you an outliner or a pantzer when it comes to start a book? If the latter, do the ideas come to you in one big lump, or are they piecemeal?

It varies. I’ve been different depending on the story. With BoP the ideas were pretty much all there in the first session of writing the ideas. However, with other story’s I’ve chopped and changed things with drafts when new ideas come.

Finally, where can the book be purchased and what are your plans for the next ones?

It is currently discounted on most if not all Amazon site 99c/p


The second book is finished (loose phraseology) and will be going to the publishers to be looked at very soon.

Thank you so much for having me!!
Steve (Steven J. Guscott)

My review of this wonderful book.
By Elizabeth Hull – Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition
This story is a wonderful illustration of the power of the written word. Dragatu finds his world transformed when he and his brothers are granted enormous mystical powers not seen in ordinary men. The problem is that peace has lasted centuries and no one quite know how to behave in war so the book becomes not a mere guide but a religion which one person wants to enact exactly into the current circumstances.

Peace is not possible unless the decent qualities of behavior are maintained. How the brothers deal with the supernatural and the change in their life is thrilling. I would hope there is a sequel.

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Meet the Grimbold Authors number 3 with the brilliant Kate Coe


Hi, Kate Coe and Welcome. Would you like to begin by telling the readers something about yourself?
I’m an accidental librarian, a DIY enthusiast, a crafty geek and a writer. I currently live in Stonehouse with an engineer, two disdainful cats and a very grumpy bearded dragon, work part-time in a library and spend the rest of the time alternately writing and wondering which part of the house to tackle next…

What is your series about and what inspired you to write it?
The Green Sky series is a world of magic that’s just discovering technology, and follows the effect that the technology is having on the people and the world in general. It’s a mix of fantasy and sparkpunk and is very character-focused.
The series itself came from a wide range of places. The original story was a very ‘fantasy’ one – a quest, a magical girl, a love story – and then I started re-writing, and two of my characters fell in love. It sent the story off in a completely different direction, but it also let me broaden the world. I realised I could add new lands and new ideas that I already had, and I started thinking about how magic would actually work – and then started wondering what effect technology would have on it. A lot of strands wove themselves together, and I realised that this was a world, and these were characters, that I wanted to keep writing about: I wanted to know what would happen next!

How long did the first one take to write and how many times did you go through it before it was finally done?
I’ve been writing it since I was 14, but it’s gone through at least three different revisions! The current version was started around about 2010 and has mostly remained intact from that first draft. The next two books were a little slicker at two years, and I’m currently down to about six months per book.

Where do your settings come from? Are they taken from real places, made up entirely, or a conglomerate of the two?
Some of the names are real (I didn’t realise that Oare and Huish are real villages until a few years ago…) but most of the places are conglomerates. Taderah is a land of forests, based on the Redwoods and all the woods I used to walk through as a child; the islands of Tao are tropical, balmy and beautiful – and also happen to have islands floating in the air. A lot of the places are from maps I drew as a child of imaginary lands, but they are also based in some degree of Earth reality because it’s a lot easier to imagine places based on real geography!

Who is your favorite character and why?
I think my favourite has to be my Lord-turned-engineer, Toru. He’s charming, witty, ruthless and a pain in the backside – mostly because he keeps accidentally crashing his planes and causing absolute havoc!
As a close second, my favourite group of characters are the Mages, because I love breaking the fantasy stereotypes. It’s all very well being able to make something float through the air, but you’ll get a thumping headache after doing it – and you still have to earn a living! You can’t be a snooty Mage in a society where you have to get your hands dirty every day.

What inspired a series of novellas rather than a novel?
I tend to be…how did my English teacher put it…a rather “sparse” writer. I don’t like long descriptive passages and absolutely hate telling the reader more than I have to, and I find novellas suit me as my Green Sky stories naturally end at about that point. I can write novels – and have written two! – but I much prefer not having to stretch the length just for convention’s sake.

Are you an outliner or a pantzer when it comes to start a book? If the latter, do the ideas come to you in one big lump, or are they piecemeal?
Oh, absolutely a pantser! The ideas are completely piecemeal; I’ll usually start with an image or a scrap of conversation, and then go from there – what’s that character doing? Where are they? Why are they there? What’s going to happen next? What else is happening in the world that I can bring in? How does that change things? And then I’ll have scraps of conversations, things that need to happen, events that I have to put in – and somehow it comes together in a vaguely coherent plot. Yes, I’m quite a strange writer, but it works.

Finally, where can the book be purchased and what are your plans for the next ones?
The first book, Green Sky & Sparks, is available from Amazon and Smashwords in paperback and ebook. Grey Stone & Steel is due out in Winter 2015, and as I’m currently writing the 5th and 6th in the series, I hope it will continue onwards for a while yet!
Kate Coe

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My review of Green Sky and Sparks

By Elizabeth Hull on July 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This story is a highly original mix of a very different steampunk and alien worlds. A green sky puts this away from Earth, which is a refreshing change, although the discovery of something like electricity has occurred, (sparks).
The people are defined by occupation and also by race. I especially like that one set are warrior/protectors and this includes their women. Equality appears to be far more developed, which is a refreshing change.
Starting off is Catter Jeck, who is tasked with finding a place that is the hub of all magic, which he can get near as he is an archivist and not a mage. His mission is made much easier when he teams up with Toru, the Lord Heir of Melton, who is also an air mage, something he uses to power his flying machine. Toru comes across as an explorer fired with enthusiasm but held back to a certain extent by his position in life, although he has a solution for this. After an accident, Toru finds himself mind linked to an injured female healer recently bereaved. Not a good thing to happen, and yet very useful when Toru and Catter need help later.
Loved the way this played out and am looking forward to the next instalment.

Darkspire Reaches gets amazing reveiw from Midwest  Book Review Bookwatch

Darkspire Reaches gets amazing reveiw from Midwest Book Review Bookwatch.


Darkspire Reaches is an incredible, mythical adventure with elements of romance, about searching for a place to belong. Raven is a young girl adopted by a clan who believes that a gigantic and fierce wyvern is destined to kill her. When the Emperor of the land outlaws all magic, she must flee for her life with her foster mother. The wyvern pursues her relentlessly; will it claim her as its rightful sacrifice? Or could everything she’s believed about the wyvern and magic, for the whole of her life as an outcast, be mistaken? Set in a rich and vivacious world, Darkspire Reaches is highly recommended for fans of the finest fantasy.

See the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWTaDpBORsY


Secret Project.

I am currently working on something special and I will release it once the final piece is in place. This involves other authors and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we will. Look for the big announcement!

I am also working on another short story to release to my website and to Readwave. It will be free to read. I hope to revamp my website so there are links to each free short. It will make them easier to find. This last might take a while as I am still learning how to navigate the site. It will happen.