Darkspire Reaches gets amazing reveiw from Midwest  Book Review Bookwatch

Darkspire Reaches gets amazing reveiw from Midwest Book Review Bookwatch.


Darkspire Reaches is an incredible, mythical adventure with elements of romance, about searching for a place to belong. Raven is a young girl adopted by a clan who believes that a gigantic and fierce wyvern is destined to kill her. When the Emperor of the land outlaws all magic, she must flee for her life with her foster mother. The wyvern pursues her relentlessly; will it claim her as its rightful sacrifice? Or could everything she’s believed about the wyvern and magic, for the whole of her life as an outcast, be mistaken? Set in a rich and vivacious world, Darkspire Reaches is highly recommended for fans of the finest fantasy.

See the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWTaDpBORsY


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