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Wonderful new 5 star review of Shadow Over Avalon

Today must be my lucky day, particularly for this book. Happy dances will commence immediately.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Customer on September 22, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this story on the big screen, as a major blockbuster, one of these days. “Shadows over Avalon”, Book 1 of the Shadows series, has all the ingredients to make a captivating high concept movie.
Arthur, an incredibly gifted young citizen of the underwater city of Avalon, is so special that he’s under constant scrutiny. Arthur won’t accept the life programmed for him by Avalon’s powers to be, and decides to escape and fight above water with Terrans, against their oppressors, the repulsive and all-powerful Nestines.
In order to prepare for his escape on the surface, Arthur secretly accesses the all-knowing Archive system, and discovers the story of Ashira, the beautiful and fierce War Maid, princess of the surface-world, betrayed by her father, and then by her peers. Ashira’s life is tied to the story of Avalon. But how does Ashira’s life relate to his? Why does he have dreams of a previous life? And what is his real purpose?
C.N. Lesley’s imagination has no limits. The worlds she created are so vivid and well thought out, that the reader’s gets completely immersed in this brilliant tale of lost love, mind games, and science fiction. Very impressive!


So what makes a character come alive for me? I have to see the world through their eyes and with their perspective. This is the first step. The second step is immersing myself in their lives. If it is not real to me, then it is not real to my readers, but that is a secondary consideration.

I am not an outliner. I simply can’t stick to that and I have tried. I am a panzer as the story comes to me as it will and through the eyes of the characters. They dictate what will happen next, not me. I just go along with the flow, hoping something reasonable comes out of my musings.

To a certain extent, beta readers also have a huge say in what happens next. I will never, ever, forget the death threats I got as a result of killing off a popular character in the second book of the Shadow series. I found I had to unkill him in an unprecedented hurry. Score? Beta readers one. Me … nil  I fixed the problem tout suite. Takes a moment out to thank all those responsible for the death threats. Yep, you were right. .He really needed to be there.  The second book, Sword of Shadows, is scheduled for publication in 2014 by Kristell Ink, my publishers. There is a third book in the offing.