Shadow Over Avalon

The cover for my next release in October has been finalized, excepting for the lettering. I am starting to get just a tad excited. Oh, what the hey, I am bouncing off the walls. I can’t wait for it to come out.

Yes, there will be snippets, once I have run these by my publisher for approval. Yes, there will be a cover reveal when it is finished. Yes, there will be continuity in the cover as it is the first in a series and yes, the publishers do have book 2 already.

What am I working on now? The sequel to Darkspire Reaches and a Science Fiction book. I want both of these finished by October at the latest. My crazy year is almost done, so I think this is a very real possibility. Three weddings in twelve months and a grandbaby? I am still gyrating.

There is also the new shiny I am picking at in the off moments. I know full well that this must not consume my writer time, so it is almost a hobby book. Oh dear, it is my second new shiny and I am also picking at that in the off moments. Just picture the idiot with a wide screen monitor who has three WIPs open at any given time. I wanted four but I found four was just a tad too cramped. Why? Because I can skip to another story if I dry up and manage a much greater word count per day than otherwise achievable. Hey, I have never claimed to be sane. Different, yes, but never sane.

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