Unpleasant day.

I was up at dark o clock to the sound of a huge storm. Went to the weather network and yes, it was a lu lu coming our way. I figured I would lose power, so went down to make a pot of coffee whilst this was still a possibility. Must have my morning fix.

There was on heck of a crash outside and I just assumed it was a near strike. Anyhow, I went upstairs to snag my camera as the sky, although still darkish, was becoming really interesting. This is when I noticed I no longer had a patio table. My new patio table was lying in shards on my deck. Millions of shards. My husband had also been disturbed by the noise and now joined me, glumly surveying the ruins.

The VBC had already fled to his storm shelter at this point, but the power didn’t go down. Now that is a first.

I got to miss out going to the city with my daughter as the electricians were scheduled to return to fix something they overlooked. This meant my power was off and on repeatedly all day. Fine, I had some hand sewing to do and got on with it. I think it is done now, However, I still have to sweep up the glass shard mess as it has been wet to do so all darn day.

On the bright side, since there always is one, I see Canada will get a new future king. The duchess was safely delivered of a son. I find this amusing as politicians have bust guts to change the inheritance laws in case she had a girl. Good for her to catch them all wrong footed. I wonder if they will call the new prince, Arthur? Now that would be nice. And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with the very minor factoid that my next book out will feature King Arthur. Oh, I might have bitten my tongue. Grins.  

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