Gown for the Grandbaby.

I handed over the family baptism gown yesterday to Kid 2. I hope it can be brought up to snuff  by a specialty cleaner as it is a tad creamy in places. Not surprising as it is one hundred and seventy three years old. This gown was sewn by hand, with love, by the light of a candle for a first born child. It has been used for baptisms ever since and passed on down through the generations. I can’t even begin to guess at how many fonts it has appeared. It was worn by all three of my girls on their special day.

Yes, I know it will have to be retired to a museum at some point in the future when it just becomes too delicate to continue to use. Up until that time, I would like to see it used as intended by that very first mother. She decorated the lawn over-dress with hand-made lace. The exquisite work that went into this garment is a testament to love.

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