Plans for tomorrow.

We are going plant shopping with Kid 2, who needs study perennials for a sunny area. I am starting a list already and have an idea how to cheat on the fussy ones ever so slightly. There is a special water retentive soil mix that might help. I don’t know if we will get any in, it depends if the weather holds up or not. I hope so. Afterwards, a lovely barbeque. Yeah.

My office painting will be on hold until Monday. I have one big wall almost done and the ceiling above it. No, I will not be washing out any of my brushes/rollers as it is far better to wrap them in cling film to prevent them drying out. However, I will be so glad to have this one wall done as that is where my desktop, printer, modem and router are all situated. I wants a girl cave. LOL. No, it is not dark paint, just a nice fresh very light stone color I am doing throughout the house.

On the bright side, I have had a major turn out of stuff and am building the second bag of detritus to go out. I can see there will also be stuff for a garage sale I don’t need and never will. Is there any use for a Writer’s Market Place book from 2004? Um no. That is paper, so will go in with the recycling.

Even better, we got a generator, so no more basement issues as the sump will now have power in a blackout. I have to get the electrician in to do the stuff and then we are good to go. Of course, this doesn’t protect my internet connection, which is powered by a box in the street and will automatically go down, but the water problems are now history. Yeah! The cat will be relieved as he didn’t go a bomb on his impromptu swimming lessons. LOL. 

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