Oh dear!

Another bright, shiny idea has surfaced. I really don’t need this. I must finish works in progress. The problem lies with soon to be published Shadow Over Avalon. Well, not a problem really, except it reminded me of plans I had way back when. I have two and a half books written in this series and a chance memory flooded back. It was designed  loosely around a tarot pack, so I have already the wand, the sword and the chalice. Now I need to complete the pentacles, but not yet. Must put down some ideas and then leave it alone until I have done the rest.

My angel book is brightening up and I have to concentrate on that as a priority and then I have two urban fantasies. Well, one, anyhow. The other steps outside the box a tad and it is calling to me strongly. Maybe I will open up three files tomorrow. That way I can bounce around if I lose momentum on one.

Oh yes, and I am redecorating my office. At some stage tomorrow I will really have to disconnect my desktop so I can unscrew the plug holder to paint there. Also the phone outlet. Once that wall is done I can move my desktop et all back into place. Chick cave is happening!

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