Not a good day.

Well, I knew today was going to suck as I had a dentist appointment and I had to clean the basement after the flood of yesterday due to a power outage. What I didn’t expect was my web to be down.

Did the usual with unplugging and replugging the router to no avail. Phones Eastlink and finds I am talking to a trainee. Goes through the motions. ‘Apparently’ this time it is my system at fault and not the general area. The condescend to send out a tech NEXT TUESDAY. I now have a temporary fix as I am tethered to my husband’s phone. My access will be limited.

To add insult to injury, the two shows I watch on tv are unavailable as the cable, also supplied by these jerks, is also down. That is another phone call for the morning.

I guess my plans for the next few days have had a radical overhaul. I will be working on my WIPs, editing and redecorating my office. I doubt if I will be getting out in my yard as it is still too soggy.

If I could find another supplier who offered unlimited access to the web, I would jump ship in a heartbeat. On average, my system goes down about forty times a year. Oh and you bet I will be asking for a refund for services not provided.

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