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Today I am sanding down my bathroom wall I mudded where the vanity and mirror got ripped out by the muscles, my dh. It will need another coat once I have done as the stuff always shrinks. Once that surface is even, then I can paint that particular wall. I hope to get a lot of the other walls done today as they are ready to go.

Still haven’t chosen what new tiles are going on the floor but I do have my new vanity, which is an Allen and Roth cream one and it has a black granite top with a white sink insert. Both of those are currently in the garage.

I’d also like to do some tole painting on the door of the wall insert. Maybe poppies? I think I will practice on paper before I do anything with the door, which is off the hinges now and ready for a coat of cream to match the new vanity.

As for work, I am thinking a lot about the new story. I may put up another snippet today or tomorrow, depending on how it goes. greyling-deeps

Webcam spying.

This is something that flares up every so often. I can only assume the people who spy on others are so bored that anything is better than what they have in their lives. However, the notion that someone might be weird enough to watch me sit at my desktop is unnerving. Yes, I do have a webcam stuck to the top of my monitor with bluetac, a semi-sticky putty type adhesive a tad like gum. Over the lens of my webcam is not another lump of bluetac. It will come off easy enough when I want to use the device and in the meantime? Good luck looking through a sea of blue.