Webcam spying.

This is something that flares up every so often. I can only assume the people who spy on others are so bored that anything is better than what they have in their lives. However, the notion that someone might be weird enough to watch me sit at my desktop is unnerving. Yes, I do have a webcam stuck to the top of my monitor with bluetac, a semi-sticky putty type adhesive a tad like gum. Over the lens of my webcam is not another lump of bluetac. It will come off easy enough when I want to use the device and in the meantime? Good luck looking through a sea of blue.

2 thoughts on “Webcam spying.

  1. hierath

    I have a USB webcam, and I only plug it in when I’m using it, but Chris does the blu0tac thing with the webcam on his laptop even though he has disabled the software. Better to be safe than sorry!

    1. cnlesley Post author

      Jo, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to peek at others like this, but apparently they do. If they have been spying on me it must have been scintillating watching me watch the screen while I work, or fend off love attacks from the VBC, who tends to get jealous of my keyboard. The gum fixes the problem, but thanks for reminding me of the laptop. I think I shall stick a bandaid over the camera on that one.


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