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Reposted from my awesome publishers.

Wow-wee… ‘Darkspire Reaches’ is number 6… SIX!… in the free kindle charts. We’re not talking free fantasy (she’s number one there!), we’re talking the ENTIRE catalogue.

Thank you so much to those who have downloaded the book, and we really hope that you enjoy the story.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the book, then please do.


And from me. If you liked Darkspire Reaches, you might like Shadow Over Avalon, which is going to be released on Halloween. My publishers already have the second book in this series lined up for next year. Oh, and I am working on the sequel to Darkspire Reaches.




Shadow Over Avalon

Shadow Over AvalonThe editing process is now complete and I am so happy with the book. Sensitive and enlightened editing makes all the difference. Actually, I got some really good suggestions for expanding the script, which I jumped on. My bad there, as I had cut it down to the bone to fit in with current marketing needs and was told to expand it again in various areas outlined in detail. Loved this!!!

The book is now out of my sticky mitts and is going through the process. Come Halloween, there will be a new kid on the block. This is about what happened next and doesn’t pull any punches. Like a fright on Halloween? Prepare to be scared.  This science fantasy is a dystopia with a profound difference. Oh, and the second book is already completed and in my publishers hands. It is due out sometime in 2014.

Want to check out my worlds for free? Darkspire Reaches, my dark romantic fantasy, is available for a limited time on all e-platforms. It is currently #12 on Amazon.com free bestsellers general list. Note, not specific – general and in among other genres and literary books. Over ten thousand books have been downloaded today. How about making it ten thousand and something? Make my millennium.

Mmm, my food choices seem to be right.

Hollywood stars, or would be stars are now embracing the Atkins diet. This is welcome news to me as I am on modified Atkins regime. Gone are all processed foods. No bread, pasta, rice, or cereal. No tinned stuff. No milk, which is substituted by coconut Silk. I am losing weight and various health problems have disappeared.

I came across this little gem tonight. Makes a person think, aye? http://eatlocalgrown.com/article/12214-8-foods-even-the-experts-won-t-eat.html

I would point out that Canadian cattle are grass fed, not grain fed. The difference in flavor is very easy to discern, if we are foolish enough to shop at Walmart for meat products. (All their stuff comes from the States.)

In other news, the countdown for the release of Shadow Over Avalon is ongoing. Only fifteen more days before it goes live. I am so excited. Now, do you want a freebie? My publishers, Kristell Ink, have released Darkpire reaches for a very limited time as a free ebook on all platforms. This offer may not be repeated. Go get your copy now.

TA DAH! Important Announcement.

My publishers, Kristell Ink, in celebration of the upcoming publication of Shadow Over Avalon on Halloween,  have just released Darkspire Reaches as FREE on Smashwords. Over the next few days this will filter down to Barns and Noble, Nook and finally to Amazon. Can I please ask everyone to let Amazon know when the price on Barns and Noble becomes free? Amazon will then do a price match and it will be for all the Amazons.

I am really excited over how SOA is shaping up with the help of my amazing editor, Zoe Harris. This is a totally positive experience. Does happy dance. As per usual, there will be a few chapters of SOA released for free reading on Amazon when it goes live. In the meantime, I have the prologue and a few snippets up here, on my webpage. These are all previous to editing, although the changes will be minimal.

Come take a peek at my worlds.