TA DAH! Important Announcement.

My publishers, Kristell Ink, in celebration of the upcoming publication of Shadow Over Avalon on Halloween,  have just released Darkspire Reaches as FREE on Smashwords. Over the next few days this will filter down to Barns and Noble, Nook and finally to Amazon. Can I please ask everyone to let Amazon know when the price on Barns and Noble becomes free? Amazon will then do a price match and it will be for all the Amazons.

I am really excited over how SOA is shaping up with the help of my amazing editor, Zoe Harris. This is a totally positive experience. Does happy dance. As per usual, there will be a few chapters of SOA released for free reading on Amazon when it goes live. In the meantime, I have the prologue and a few snippets up here, on my webpage. These are all previous to editing, although the changes will be minimal.

Come take a peek at my worlds.

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