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Joyful day coming up.

I get to spend the day with my delightful grandson while my daughter goes to a spa with a friend. He is such a happy little camper and she will leave me with multiple bottles of milk. This is not going to be a problem, as little Georgie already took his first bottle of milk from me. I love that I can give my daughter some quality time and a break. I also love that I will be spending quality time with my little guy. 

What to take with me? I am debating between my laptop and a ring binder and pen. I won’t be on the web, but Georgie will be sleeping some of this time, so maybe I can still work when he does this? I don’t anticipate getting much done. Babies take priority always. And then I will have a to do list to accomplish for my dear daughter. That particular day is my husband’s birthday and my daughter is hosting a supper for us and other family. I volunteered for prep, which will get priority over writing, when Georgie is not awake. 

I am thinking Nana is going to be busier than she is used to being. Loving it.