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Joyful day coming up.

I get to spend the day with my delightful grandson while my daughter goes to a spa with a friend. He is such a happy little camper and she will leave me with multiple bottles of milk. This is not going to be a problem, as little Georgie already took his first bottle of milk from me. I love that I can give my daughter some quality time and a break. I also love that I will be spending quality time with my little guy. 

What to take with me? I am debating between my laptop and a ring binder and pen. I won’t be on the web, but Georgie will be sleeping some of this time, so maybe I can still work when he does this? I don’t anticipate getting much done. Babies take priority always. And then I will have a to do list to accomplish for my dear daughter. That particular day is my husband’s birthday and my daughter is hosting a supper for us and other family. I volunteered for prep, which will get priority over writing, when Georgie is not awake. 

I am thinking Nana is going to be busier than she is used to being. Loving it. 


I have so much to be thankful for this year. Most of my family visited for lunch and it was so wonderful to have the them all over. Baby George was the highlight and he was an absolute angel.

I didn’t get done everything I wanted to do before they came. I had hoped to have my new drapes hanging, but found I had misplaced the hooks to get them on the rods. Ah, on the subject of rods. It is a well-known fact that most men will definitely get something done eventually. I have only been waiting nine years for the rods to go up to finish the drapes as I must have the drop measurement before the tops can go on. So very, very close to success. Now if I can only remember what I did with the hooks in those nine years?

Still, the renos are going along at a steady pace. We got rid of a manky old couch in the fall clean up and also a side table that was supposed to be an antique. Mmms, didn’t veneer stuff like that in the old days and I have always had my doubts. Water damage gave the truth and out it went. Now I have a coffee table and two matching side tables and a new couch matching the new ones in the family room, (downstairs ones courtesy of a Brick snarl up on previous product). It is getting there. The painting of walls is progressing slowly because the sitting room has high ceilings and I am still not100% after my neck injury. I have to do a little at a time, but am just aching to get started on the family room, which will go a lot quicker as the ceilings are normal. Yay!

In other news, Darkspire Reaches is now free on all the Amazons and will be for a limited time around and about the release of Shadow Over Avalon on Halloween. Don’t miss out on this offer. It may not be repeated.






Buying and who doesn’t.

This was a writer related post, but it got me thinking back. Many years ago my late father had a soft furnishing company. It was top of the line, but even so, he offered considerable discounts, think cost price, to relatives. His nephew never stepped up. Not once. They lived in an outdated apartment with the drapes in rags and no, they were not poor. If you both earn and you don’t spend, you have the money. They never took up a cost price offer, not even for scatter cushions.

I guess a person can get out of the habit of spending if they live their whole life never improving anything. My cousin’s wife still had a twin tub washer long after these became dinosaurs. Darn, it even had a mangle on the top. Does anyone remember what a mangle was, even? I feel kinda sad for them really. They had no children by choice, so they had the opportunity to treat themselves, and yet didn’t. I fail to see the point of endless hours spent and dire jobs when there is no carrot in the offing. I expect my cousin’s wife’s relatives got a nice next egg on her demise, after he went, but what about them? Where was their payout for the years of work? Not comfort, not home ownership, not even nice vacations. So sad.

Coming back into full circle, I guess this is why I don’t spam family and friends. It is there and I will give a discount as allowed by my publishers, but I will not push it down your throat. Speaking of which, I do have some copies of Darkspire Reaches that I can give a 20% discount on if anyone is interested. Postage and Packing to the States is another $7.60 CAD on top, but not out of line with what Amazon charges for a single purchase. Oh, and then there is one copy earmarked for that special person who gives the most interesting comment on the cover. I will cover the cost of postage for this to anywhere in the world.