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A seven minute interview with Jennifer Loiske

Today I have the privilege of featuring in a Jennifer Loiske interview. Go check it out and find out about my books and about me. Perhaps there are things you didn’t know.

Darksire Reaches, a different world.

Jasper Vacation2011 105

Here is where I envisaged the aerie of Darkspire Reaches. Actually, this is my own photo, taken at 5 a.m in the morning in the foothills of Mount Robson when the rising sun was melting off the mist from the peaks. If the picture looks familiar, then I use it for my banner. Anyhow, a place needs to be big and majestic to house the mighty Drakkens.

Jasper Vacation2011 107

And here is the same mountain later in the morning from a slightly different angle. What a difference a few hours can make.

This is a story of self -discovery as well as survival. When a world changes and the rules alter, what must a person do to keep one step ahead? How can they spot a traitor? Who do they trust? Here is what one reader thought about the story. See below.

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful Fantasy Experience,
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Darkspire Reaches (Kindle Edition)
Darkspire Reaches by C.N. Lesley is a mixture of fantasy, self discovery, magic, and romance. Raven is no ordinary girl, however it takes quite a few chapters until her true potential is evident and her character builds from a low serving girl and healer into a magical creature, who causes a stir on her journey through kingdoms and tribal territories.

I enjoyed this book immensely and not just because of the compelling story. Raven, Margie, Connor, Captain Merrill, and the others, owe their character’s appeal to the author, who weaved their personalities with style and wonderful visual descriptions. It does not take long to immerse oneself into the world where these characters live, fight, survive, and love. it was also very apparent to me, that this was a book of exquisite fantasy. By that I mean a book, which captured my mind, and took me to another realm of existence. This is what fantasy is supposed to do, although not all books in this genre manage that with such aplomb.

I am hoping that there is something more to come? The book and story ended yet I find myself thinking that Raven and Connor’s journey is not entirely over and that maybe, just maybe we will hear from some of the other wonderful characters again, in another story.

The writing was as smooth and as clear as glass, as was the dialogue and speech patterns of the colourful array of characters.
I take my hat off to Ms Lesley, who did not take me out of her world for one second, but kept me there from beginning to end.


Building a new character.

Something was missing from a current work in progress. It lacked drive and angst. The solution is both simple and yet not. What I needed in there was a new character to be both a driver and a love interest gone wrong. The bad news is this effectively means I have to go through every single chapter to make sure all is in place and the continuity is not upset.  The good news is the sparkle is not there in full measure.

However, a lot of work needs to be done on the construction of the person. It isn’t so simple as just making up a name and an appearance and moving the strings and the action goes on. This character must have wants, wishes and needs. They must have a past and an intended future. I have to know everything there is to know about them in order for them to come to life and act in a way that is true to who they are. Oh yeah, I can have lots of fun with this one.

In other news I suppose I should go look for a pair of scissors presently. I need to take about two inches off my hair. Fortunately, the raggedy look is in fashion, so I won’t look silly. No, I am not going to the hairdressers. I am tired of having bad cuts and in the rare event of finding a good stylist she is gone the next time I visit. The problem here is I cannot tolerate the fumes coming off perms so will not visit a salon that does them. This means my choices are limited to Supercuts, which should be fine in theory as they are trained to do set cuts, again in theory. The problem is that because they don’t do perms they can’t give the full validation, or whatever it is, to their trainee stylist, hence a revolving door happening. So I get out the scissors and do it myself. At least I am not paying for a bad cut. LOL.Color Dragon

Magic moments.

I suppose I am thinking of this as I have been working on a passage of magic usage today. Oh, that and working a pig into the script. Yes, a pig. I gather the Oxford University Press is banning all mention of all things porcine in case it offends anyone. The thought of Pigling Bland from the Tales of Beatrice Potter ever being on a banned list offends me greatly and inspires a sudden plethora of little piggies. But I digress.

Serious magic in a fantasy setting is not legerdemain and nor should it ever appear as such. Magic is an element and as such, must have an origin. What the origin is doesn’t really matter as long as it is well thought out and very plausible. In the case of Darkspire Reaches, which I mention as I am polishing the sequel, Serpent of the Shangrove, the magic is twofold as I have a creature of earth and water and one of fire and air. Now for the later there is incredible energy put into the making of jewel stones. What if these could be used as a source of fuel? Fire and air would be a perfect match. Water and earth are a lot easier with the raw power of nature. Consider the energy of a waterfall, or the power of a tree root splitting rock. So there it is. One answer. Now I wonder if I can justify a flying piggy? Probably not.

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Small snippet from Darkspire Reaches

This is not text you will find in the free sample on Amazon. It is a tad further along in the book The sequel, Serpent of the Shangrove, is scheduled in the third quarter of 2015.

Digital Cover

Tonight they went beyond taunts. After the laughter died down, two of the silver-liveried servers grabbed her while a cook brought over a golden dish with a clear surface. He held it up so that she could see her reflection along with the faces of those that held her, their blue eyes and blond hair fading in the metallic gleam, making them men of gold. Her black hair looked as if it had a life of its own with the golden overtones. She was out of place among all these fair folk in her darkness.

Not for the first time, Raven wished Margie had returned her to the tribe people instead of keeping an abandoned child. Dark-haired First Born would not regard her as so ugly. A shudder ran through her at the thought of the child-eating wyvern they worshiped. Perhaps the old woman had lied to keep Raven tied to her. Maybe it wasn’t much bigger than a firedrake. The Angressi soldiers didn’t seem to hold the beast in any great fear.

5 star review for Shadow Over Avalon

by C.N. Lesley

Shadow Over Avalon

A review taken at random from the Amazon.co.uk website. Wow! Does happy dance. #kingarthur #dystopia #achievednumber1bestsellerpaidonAmazon #99c #C.N.Lesley

5.0 out of 5 stars Shadow over Avalon! 14 April 2014
By brenda
Format:Kindle Edition
Shadow Over Avalon is an unusual book that caught my attention, grabbed hold and didn’t let go until the very last page. I loved the ongoing adventure that was both thrilling, entertaining and wildly suspenseful.

This is a well developed story with great characters and extremely good writing. So much creativity and imagination. Pretty mind blowing if you ask me. This futuristic tale took me by surprise and brought me to a completely different time and place. How I loved the surprises. This story moved at a quick pace as there was never a dull moment. Surprising since I am not much of a fantasy or science fiction fan. The writing was enough to keep me glued to the pages. Loving every minute. This is a smart story that will take you places you never imagined existed. I would highly recommend this great tale if you are looking for a great escape with a great unpredictable plot. I love how the different story lines come together. Very clever. I would read more from this author. Without a doubt. So enjoyable.

Excerpt ~
“Two days of rest refreshed Shadow. The morning of solstice started a warm, cloudless day. She walked along the shore after breakfast, followed by two brothers. They didn’t appear to trust her not to leave them, looking on the edge with her so near water. She returned to the camp with reluctance and one backward glance at the sun glinting off the waves.”

The writing is soothing and poetic. Sophisticated and yet easy to get lost into. I would highly recommend this sophisticated story that has the wow factor!





If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I read an interesting article extolling authors to break the established rules of writing. One of the suggestions was to pen something in third person omnipotent  Right. There was a very, very good reason this style fell out of favor in the last century. Those who attempted it usually made a mess and ended up wildly head hopping and leaving the reader spinning. An example of how this should be done and usually wasn’t is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien. Now that was a shining example of excellence.

Another suggestion was to write a book about an antagonist. Really? How can a reader bond properly with a bad guy? Does anyone really want to be a cheer leader for Hannibal Lecter? Yes, the character was fascinating, but would anyone weep buckets if he happened to croak?  Nope. This was a suggestion that was almost good and missed by a gnat’s whisker. An antagonist should have hopes, wants, wishes and needs. He/she should also have some redeeming features, whether it is a love of cats, or a kindness to those less fortunate. Without the redeeming features, he/she will not be as effective, or as real and scary. It also holds true that the protagonist should have a few flaws. Perfect Percy is boring. Give him some warts to liven him up.

Interview with Authorrise.

Authorrise were kind enough to invite me to do an interview. Follow the link if you are interested. Oh, and the very next interview I do will not be when I am minding my small grandson. My attention was on him and I think that shows in one of my word choices. Who can spot the error? Head desk.


Shadow Over Avalon only 99c for a limited time.



by C.N. Lesley

Beyond the mists of time, a dying warrior binds his soul to his sword with an oath to protect his people. His shade rides with the Wild Hunt while he waits for the call of greatest need, but when it comes, he doesn’t know it is a lie.
In the undersea city of Avalon, Arthur nears the end of his acolyte training. But he doesn’t want to spend his life serving the Archive, he wants to fight side by side with the air-breathing people to defeat the predators who are determined to ensure their own survival no matter the cost.
Ashira, War Maid princess of the surface-world, is ready to sacrifice her life to defend her kin, but when she is betrayed she must choose whether to die with honor or become one of the creatures her kinsmen fear and loathe.
Fortune twists in the strongest hands. This is no repeat; this is what happens next.

Following two threads of time, CN Lesley’s fresh take on the Arthurian tales of old delivers the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy.

And here is the next book in the series, just released, ‘Sword of Shadows’.

SS front and back with text