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Great new five star review for Shadow Over Avalon

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5.0 out of 5 starsEnticing & captivating
By Meandthemuttson December 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

I’ve always been drawn to Arthurian legend, loving to read about a world inhabited by knights and dragons. This story was no exception – beautifully written, with rich descriptive content and a web of intricately-woven sub-plots. The characters fit perfectly, they are as real as are we – they draw you into their world, make you feel. The two lands, one set under water and the other above the surface are poles apart, which makes for a fascinating read.

Thankfully, fiction enables writers to take the past, reinvent it and create refreshing stories to entertain us. This is pure entertainment. It’s a long book, but well worth the time.

I listened to the first few chapters of this story using Kindle’s text to speech facility – OK, so the pronunciation of names like Ashira was a bit dodgy, but the tinniness actually made the futuristic elements more futuristic – if you get my drift. An audiobook would be a fabulous addition to, as this is a book befitting a regular storyhour.

Genealogy Howlers.

Calling offspring strange names is not a new trend I found. I have no idea what compels parents to couple a surname with something unfitting, yet going back a couple of centuries in my research I found a couple named Lord, residing in the Bible belt. Their surname was Lord, right? Keep this in mind.

On the event of the birth of their third son, the proud parents named him Thank Ye. Really? A baby boy named Thank Ye, with a surname of Lord? One has to wonder how grateful this child was as he grew into a man with that moniker.  One also has to hope that as it was the Bible belt, it wasn’t too bizarre.

This isn’t the worst name I have come across by any means. I think the all time favorite was a family practitioner named Rhea. His initials were I. and A. and his title was Dr. So we have, in bold lettering on the nameplate, Dr, I. A Rhea. Perhaps a tad apt, given his chosen profession.