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Fortune twists in the strongest hands. This is no repeat; this is what happens next.

A man, once a legend who bound his soul to his sword as he lay dying, is now all but a boy nearing the end of his acolyte training. Stifled by life in the undersea city of Avalon, Arthur wants to fight side by side with the air-breathing Terrans, not spend his life as servant to the incorporeal sentient known as the Archive. Despite the restrictions put on him by Sanctuary, he is determined to help the surface-dwellers defeat predators whose sole purpose is to ensure their own survival, no matter the cost.

Ashira, War Maid and princess of the surface-world, is ready to sacrifice her life to defend her kin, but when she is betrayed and cast out of the life chosen for her, she must choose whether to die with honor or become one of the creatures her kinsmen fear and loathe.
Following two threads of time, C.N. Lesley’s new incarnation of the Arthurian tales of old delivers the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy. Shadow Over Avalon (2)1

5 star review for Sword of Shadows from Reader’s Favorites!!!!

Book Review
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

Wow! I just finished reading Sword of Shadows, the newest book by author C.N. Lesley, and I can truly say that I was simply astounded by this work. As a lover of all things Arthurian, I was excited to read this story. Excited and a little apprehensive, as I’ve read so many other things that have pretty much crucified all I hold dear about stories of Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. And it is kind of an audacious notion to combine the medieval stories of Arthur with such a fantastic world. But C.N. Lesley is able to do it, and so well at that.

Sword of Shadows follows our hero, Arthur, and his brother Kai, as they are thrust into life on the Surface World. No longer warriors, and living as exiles, they soon encounter Merlin, the legendary and untrustworthy magician, and learn that Arthur must find the sword in order to save both the surface, Avalon, and everything that Arthur holds dear.

Sword of Shadows is actually the second in a series of books by author C.N. Lesley. I hadn’t read the first, Shadow Over Avalon, but I had absolutely no problem following this storyline. I would highly recommend this book to any lover of science fiction or fantasy, and to any reader who would love to see a new take on an Arthurian tale. I am excited now to go back and read the first book in this series, and certainly hope that C.N. Lesley is already working on Book Three!
Sword of shadows


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Are writers lonely?

I got asked this question this evening and yes, it is a valid one. The ivory towers are now a thing of the past, along with the dinosaur, which is a typewriter. My office is all high tech with a wall of screens, a desktop, fax/copier, modem, router, phone, keyboard, desk, ergonomic office chair, fan, etc. Perhaps not as romantic as a solitary being in an ivory tower but we move with the times. Yes, I have posters, paintings and collages on the wall along with banks of bookshelves. No, this isn’t the limit of my library, just the most relevant stuff I might need for research. My personal predations occupy one entire wall in my basement, floor to ceiling.

I don’t know that I would call writing lonely any more although it was once. I am talking to people on and off all day about this and that. Things like what is the word for…(description of the thing) and other writerly things as well as just chat. I talk to my publisher and my colleagues and then there is social media marketing, which takes up at least two hours a day. In this world, time makes no difference. Cyberspace connects people in the blink of an eye. If out of a working zone frame, then emails and direct messages can be left and will be answered when the person in the other time zone picks up in their waking time. It is not really that much different from working in an office and interacting with colleagues there.

Actual writing is not lonely when the words spill out because it is like a movie running only instead of being behind the projector, watching what is happening on the screen, a writer is behind the screen pulling all the images onto that strip of fabric between the audience and themselves. I think we would all say the same about our characters being very much alive, although they only live in our imaginations. Our worlds are formed right down to the last petal on the ultimate flower and be sure we have figured out a season for all things. Weird really as I don’t know where I am going with a story as I am writing it, although some can plot out an entire novel before hand. Mine up sticks and run away from me, wilfully going in what ever direction they please. The thing seems to take off on a life of its own. Maybe folks would think I am lonely, although this is not what I feel, which is in a crowd, although I can’t see the folks but they are there in cyberspace an unseen but very real presence.

As for a physical presence, I have the very bad cat, who must be with me at all times to supervise. LOLDSCN0193

Five star review for Shadow Over Avalon

by C.N. LesleyI am not one to reveal too much of a story line to people who have not read a novel and who are considering doing that. For me the story is everything.

I will say that this is a fascinating novel and I want to write about what I see in the crafting. The writer clearly has an exquisite command of the elements that make Shadow Over Avalon an enigma that demands to be read to completion. I loved the story.

Settings are beautifully drawn. The Author has given the reader the fine gift of clarity. It is possible to see a vista of the entire scene from the well crafted sentences and word choices. To me the dialogue is appropriate for the story line with different cultures represented by the way they speak. I can nearly hear their voices as they utter their words.

Shadow Over Avalon has a blend of Medieval times with the technology of the Future. Yet the future technology is explained in such a way as to leave the reader with understanding and logical conclusions. There is incredible creativity at work with the detail and attention paid to providing a strong picture of the world building that has been achieved.

I feel as if there is something for everyone in this novel. Romance, conflict between races, high tech devices and genetic engineering, combat, strategy, intrigue, mystery and many elements from various genres. It is one of those reads that makes you want to keep going long after bedtime.


Available on all the Amazons, Kobo, iTunes, Nook and Smashwords.

I’d love some support.

My thunderclap promotion for Shadow Over Avalon ends tomorrow at noon, Mountain Time. If anyone who hasn’t already supported it feels like doing so, to increase the thunderousness of the thing, then that would be awesome. I am not shy of numbers and the campaign will go ahead. I just sort of would like it to have an even more wicked reach than it does already. http://thndr.it/1BSALSI

Fun time in research

I take my research very, very seriously. Most of it doesn’t show in the books, but it is there as a solid framework from which to build. Now here is something serious Arthur fans might enjoy and you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested, would you? Grins.

A free Arthurian documentary with some wonderful views of ancient British sites. http://bestfreedocumentaries.org/britain-ad-king-arthurs-britain-episode-2/Snow day May 29 2010 158Snow day May 29 2010 070Snow day May 29 2010 097