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Death’s Angel. The rest of the new snippet.

With a sibilant hiss, the door slid aside to admit her into a communal area. Padded chairs and low tables were arranged in groups. Some had game boards set out on them. The game pieces looked as if the players had left in a hurry with pieces scattered and on their sides.
At a table against a far wall, by one of the small port windows, sat the centurion and Nyka. Both of them seemed relaxed and were sipping from tall glasses containing a clear green liquid. They watched her approach.
“I guess I win the bet.” Nyka smiled, a faint stretching of his lips. “I told you she was getting bored.”
“I concede.” The centurion didn’t look amused. “You get your planet leave when we find a refueling stop. I really thought she would wait until she had regained full strength before she made a move.”
Azriel froze. Did he know her intentions? Where was this leading? Neither of them had weapons pointed at her.
“Come here, my bad Angel.” The centurion gestured to a chair next to him. “I would offer you a beverage, but I think, judging from your expression, I would end up wearing it.”
He was right, damn him. She wasn’t in the mood to ‘do nice’. She accepted his invitation.
The black void of space shone with a myriad of tiny stars from the port hole. Azriel had expected to see the surface of Altair IV. “Where is my homeworld?”
Nyka turned to study the view. “I think your twin suns are the brightest light on the tip of the constellation shaped like a hexagon.”
“When he isn’t tending to your needs, Nyka’s duties include astrometry.” The centurion raised his glass to the young Urak. “He is very good at it.”
Azriel barely heard his words. She focused on a tiny point of light, one among millions. Altair IV didn’t have interstellar travel technology. A world poor in metal lacked the resources. She hadn’t imagined a starship could travel so far, so fast. Now she understood why she couldn’t connect with the other Angels. The vast void of space isolated her.
“Nyka, you have a task now Azriel has joined us.”
“Yes, Centurion.”
Nyka glanced once in her direction and then marched to the door. Azriel doubted it would open for her as it did for him. She was trapped with the Sidhe.
He continued to sip at his drink, regarding her. A faint pressure in her temples warned of his intrusion in her mind. Azriel concentrated on the sights, sounds and sensations from a trek through a parched gulley under the blazing suns.
“Interesting, if too late. I have most of the information I wanted.” His eyes narrowed. “Why do you want to die? Here you are free. Your controllers cannot order your movements.”
She held in a laugh. “Free? I am kept in a locked room away from the other women. You had me herded here when I found a way out. It is another form of control.”
He sighed. “I can’t return you to your sisters. They now know that you are still dangerous, and I would prefer not to send them into hysterics. I can’t let you roam my ship hoping to goad my crew into firing at you, and yes, you will obey me. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to force this issue, but it appears you leave me no choice.”
Azriel smiled, daring him. “Do you really think you could cause more pain than the controllers?”
“Oh, I wasn’t thinking of pain. Far too unsubtle. Come now, Nyka will have fixed the security issues in your room.” He stood, holding out his hand to her.
She let him take hers. Obey him, or he would send a message back to Altair. The next instant her body dissolved to reform beside him in her room. Shocked, she missed the start of his move. He threw her down on her bed, pinning her arms above her head, using his weight to keep her still.
“This is going to hurt a little. I am sorry,” he said, although he didn’t look sorry. His eyes took on a faint gleam. He transferred both her wrists to one hand.
Azriel waited for him to start tearing off her light clothing. She jumped when he turned her head to one side and lowered his mouth to her neck. The next instant he bit. She tried to struggle, desperate, fearing what he had started. He didn’t disengage, and a slow tingling started to spread from the penetration. The tingling spread, enveloping her body. A strange lassitude wrapped her in soft coverings that distanced reality. One small part of her mind screamed ‘venom’ but now she looked into the Sidhe’s incredible green eyes. There was blood on his lips, on his bared fangs; her blood, but this didn’t seem important. The eyes drew her.
“You are going to do whatever I say, aren’t you Azriel?”
“Yes, Centurion.” Whatever he wanted, she would do for him. Joy flooded through her that he would ask.

Death Angel. The rest of that last chapter

Azriel roused to crisp air with a faint hint of antiseptic. She was lying on a firm, but not uncomfortable surface, and the pain had receded to a dull ache. The sounds of movement alerted her to the presence of at least two people. An ungentle hand touched her head, feeling over her scalp. Used to rough treatment, she kept her eyes shut and her breathing shallow.
“Easy with her.” The deep tones of the Centurion no longer rumbled with a hint of boredom. Urgency sharpened his voice.
“She killed without provocation or reason. This wasn’t her fight or the side I would expect such as her to choose.” This came from a nearer voice. “She’s dangerous.”
The examination continued. Azriel guessed the Outworlders thought her loss of consciousness due to a blow when she fell. She hoped they didn’t start moving her hair too much, or they would find the filawires woven into strands near the base of her skull. All angels wore their hair long to conceal the makings of garrotes.
“We knew what she was before we agreed to the exchange.” The centurion’s voice came from much closer. “I’d know the reason why the Altarians are scared shitless by their angels. Perhaps you can enlighten us, Azriel? I know you are awake.”
My angel name, known only to other angels. How did he pick through my mind? No. Not again. Never again would another control her. Azriel started her attack maneuver in the same second she opened her eyes, a movement arrested by restraints on her shoulders and hips. Pain flooded her senses for a brief moment, replaced almost instantly by a feeling of euphoria outside of her control.
Azriel stared, mesmerized, into eyes as green as irrigated grass, different from the other Outworlders she had seen face-bare. His pupils were slitted like a feline’s. An emergent black beard shadow darkened his jaw and upper lip, sprouting from much finer scales . . . or skin? He stood a head taller than the other man and carried the presence of controlled strength. Interest flickered in the depths of those strange eyes and he smiled, slow and lazy. This was the sort of man capable of killing and then going on to enjoy a full meal.
“I can bring back the pain as quickly as I took it away.”
The smaller man frowned. “Centurion, androids don’t feel pain. Altarians believe angels are immortal, so this being isn’t a true life form.”
“Shall I remove my control so Cestus can read your body language, Azriel?” He peeled off a black hide glove to run the sharp claw on his forefinger delicately down her cheek, just enough to break the surface.
She didn’t react. Pain might be gone, but sensation remained. Wetness flowed from her midsection. A cool lassitude seeped through her body. Minutes of life remained, bleeding away while the Outworlders argued. Freedom came on gentle wings.
“I can’t find any sign of a contusion. I’d say this wasn’t the result of an interruption to microprocessor function.” Cestus finished his search and stepped back. “Maybe her power pack needs recharging?”
The centurion sighed. “Since Azriel declines to co-operate, I’ll prove my point another way. She isn’t a full android. Transport on line.”
A faint crackle sounded from within the room. Azriel didn’t care. Whatever they did was going to be pointless. Torture would accelerate her journey into oblivion.
A half-smile quirked the centurion’s lips. “Lock on to the non-living layers covering the prone sentient.”
A buzzing enveloped Azriel, the same sensation she’d felt when transported to this ship from the surface. Her weary brain tried to piece together the centurion’s words, and then she found out what he intended. Her clothes, her hidden weapons . . . gone. Cool air whispered over her skin–all of it. Blood ran from the now exposed wound.
“Stars wept!” The centurion lost his smile along with some of his color. “Cestus, do something. I want her alive.”
Cestus grabbed instruments, handfuls of wadding and dumped them on her chest. “Shit. Oh shit. Keep her with us, or I’m wasting my time.”
The slitted pupils in the centurion’s impossible green eyes expanded. Azriel couldn’t look away, couldn’t think beyond breathing in and out. Somewhere things pushed inside her, but none of this mattered. She had to obey the centurion’s orders inside her head. He was in the controller place. Small capillaries exposed to air must be sealed. Yes, she could make her blood clot now that a medic was working to repair the huge injury. She could focus without the pain gnawing at her. Wetness had ceased to flow from her, and something covered the hole in her side.
“Bad Angel.” The centurion wagged a finger at her. “When and not if you recover, we will discuss your negligence in care of my property. Make no mistake; you are mine. You will obey me.”
Cestus’ eyebrows rose. “She needs blood. I don’t have a match for her type. I can only rehydrate her.”
“Then do it.” Again the index claw traveled over Azriel’s cheek. “Did you see the concealed weapons listed by the transporter? We missed them. She is going to sleep until she is fit enough for a suitable chastisement. I wouldn’t want her to forgo a second of what I have planned.”

Five star review for Shadow Over Avalon

by C.N. LesleyI am not one to reveal too much of a story line to people who have not read a novel and who are considering doing that. For me the story is everything.

I will say that this is a fascinating novel and I want to write about what I see in the crafting. The writer clearly has an exquisite command of the elements that make Shadow Over Avalon an enigma that demands to be read to completion. I loved the story.

Settings are beautifully drawn. The Author has given the reader the fine gift of clarity. It is possible to see a vista of the entire scene from the well crafted sentences and word choices. To me the dialogue is appropriate for the story line with different cultures represented by the way they speak. I can nearly hear their voices as they utter their words.

Shadow Over Avalon has a blend of Medieval times with the technology of the Future. Yet the future technology is explained in such a way as to leave the reader with understanding and logical conclusions. There is incredible creativity at work with the detail and attention paid to providing a strong picture of the world building that has been achieved.

I feel as if there is something for everyone in this novel. Romance, conflict between races, high tech devices and genetic engineering, combat, strategy, intrigue, mystery and many elements from various genres. It is one of those reads that makes you want to keep going long after bedtime.


Available on all the Amazons, Kobo, iTunes, Nook and Smashwords.

Wonderful New Review of Sword of Shadows!

5.0 out of 5 stars A perfect combination of fantasy and sci-fi!, February 1, 2015
By Jennifer Loiske (Naantali, Finland) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Sword of Shadows (Kindle Edition)
I’m a huge fan of Arthurian stories, so getting this exciting sequel in my hands was like a winning a lottery. The author has unique way of mixing the old legend with something completely new, something that both the old school lovers and the new generation of Arthurian fans will enjoy. The plot has been skillfully built layer by layer so when the story goes on, it challenges the reader to go deeper, see clearer and find all the fine details placed behind the layers.

Yes, this is a book full of plots. Of course there’s the great main plot, but the author has also generously created a lot of side plots, which eventually entwines together, forming a perfect combination of fantasy and sci-fi tale. A tale with new, refreshing take on it, without losing its intriguing touch of an old magic.

The old master of fantasy should definitely watch their back. There’s a new queen in town!

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