Hot, hot, hot.

VBC sunbathing with his toys.

VBC sunbathing with his toys.

It is sizzling hot outside even at just before and yet the VBC, seen above, has insisted on going for his stroll in the backyard. It is totally fenced-in, but he has all his toes intact so he has a harness and long leash. Right now he is invisible in my daylilies as he stalks the feathered nuisances.  He will have to come in soon before he overheats, but for now he can play.

However, there are other creatures out there that do not have the luxury of getting out of the heat. For them, the life-saver is finding water.  It takes less than a minute to fill a birdbath or put water in a bowl on the ground. One minute of time means nothing to a person but could mean life to a creature outside in the heat.  Take a minute to make a difference.DSCN0193

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