First, it is delightful to see the rainbow stripes on the top of my word press page. Love is a feeling shared between two people. It is not a pick and choose thing, it is what it is. Marriage between two people totally committed in a loving relationship should be available to all. People do not get to choose who they are attracted to so neither should the law of the land restrict them from making a loving commitment. Way to go USA! Oh and I am a straight woman in a straight relationship who happens to have gay friends and I am not going to get divorced any time soon in a fit of pique because my gay friends can now marry if they wish, or disappear in a cloud of smoke and cinders. (Betcha the bigoted pastor doesn’t follow through.). In fact, I should rather like to dance at their wedding if I am so invited.

Now thanks has to go to British Colombia, who has sent us a heatwave straight from the deepest furnaces of hell. A resident of one of the coldest Provinces of Canada bitching about the heat? Hell, yeah! I don’t have A/C because our summers aren’t long enough. I currently have my drapes, lined with heat resistant lining, pulled closed to make some sort of attempt to keep the inside of my home at a reasonable temperature. Reasonable is below thirty. We have now been driven indoors from out deck after our midday baroque. The fans have also slowed down, which is indicative to a drop in voltage, so I hope there is not a bad storm on its way to us. So here we sit in the semi gloom and we are feeling totally ungrateful to BC.

Oh and my little cat is in a heap in my basement, trying to find a cool spot. What would you do if you were wearing a very thick fur coat?DSCN0194

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