Fail. Bong.

It is a totally realistic supposition that a lawyer will be commensurate in the English language if that happens to be their native language.It is also not outside the bounds of possibility to assume one’s lawyers are capable of constructing a document that clearly states its intent.

Silly me. I now have a did they, or didn’t they scenario. I am hopelessly incapable of judging if they did, or if they didn’t,based on the incompetent communication. I am now the lucky recipient of three communications that totally contradict themselves. I am also the recipient of a document designed to enlighten me. Of course, it would help if the aforesaid document hadn’t been truncated and sent on its side in adobe.. The wretched thing was sent in a format that I can’t change to actually read it.  Printing it out also doesn’t help as the missing part still isn’t there.

I will be so happy to finish with these morons forever. No love. Me. 

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