Why reviews are important to authors.

So a person buys a book on kindle, or one of the other ereaders and comes to the end and gets prompted to review. Ever wondered why this is important? 

Reviews are life-blood to authors. Amazon has a system in place that will promote books on a sliding scale according to how many reviews they have scored. A book can take 10 or so years to write in the worst case scenario. Ten years of graft, blood, sweat and tears. Yes, there have to be tears, as if we aren’t moved to tears in the sad moments, how can the reader be so affected? 

A five star review is ambrosia. A four star review is a good wine. Anything less is vinegar. We keep Roll-Aids handy. Seriously, there are three free chapters on Amazon to get to grips with a book and most poor star ratings happen when a book goes free. Check it out before you buy. Make sure this is something you think you like before you spend your money. And please leave us a review on our work. We love to hear what you think, even if we need the Roll-Aids.

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