So I went to buy a book today on slated at the kindle price of $3.99. When I get there, I find it is listed at $9.00. Using my special squidget, I find it is indeed $3.99 but I have to log on to get it and get busted for being Canadian. It isn’t anything to do with the exchange rate, this is all Amazon. I really wouldn’t mind if I thought for one moment that the extra would go to the poor author. I am therefore currently investigating a back door Barnes and Noble have themselves suggested on their own website. I may be jumping through hoops tomorrow, but I am determined not to increase Amazon’s profit margin. 

Note to self-pubbed authors. Please load the book to Smashwords. This is not a hassle and is very fair. In addition, you will not be loosing out on many International sales because of some sneaky surcharge on the transfer of a kindle file on the same Continent. 

On another note, I spoke to Spook Central about their miserable fail in the coffee department. Tim Horton’s affirmed that they have not changed their beans. Nice phone conversation and a resolution is underway. I can expect a decent Timmy’s by the weekend. 

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