New books.

I am working on the sequel to Darkspire Reaches and am 60k in. I am also playing with another work in progress.  Mordred, from Arthurian legends, was always given a very bad rap. What if there were extenuating circumstances? What if he were not a bad guy, but one who was forced into a bad saturation. Now make that bad situation propel an ancient warrior into the modern world he did not understand. I am having fun with this.

My research has come up with some very interesting stuff. The Isles of Scilly were originally one land mass. They sunk due to the melting of the glacier in Scotland causing that to rise and subsequently causing everything south to sink. Google Earth provides some very interesting pictures of the underwater farms and roadways. There is a connection between the Isles to Cornwell. The Vyvyan family in Cornwall has a white horse as its crest that legend has it carried the sole survivor from the deluge. A white horse was kept by the family for many generations. The Seven Stones reef is purportedly the last visible remains of the sunken lands and the site of the city of Lions. Oh yes, I am having fun with this.

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