The elephant in the room.

Yes I have one and it is huge. I have been trying to sell my lemon condo for three years. Yes, that is right. Three years of HBO fees, etc. I have finally Fed Exed my agreement to sell this lemon to an interested buyer. I am really crossing my fingers that she is so deep in lawyer fees that she won’t wimp out. I have had in excess of five flubs, but none of them have gotten to this level.

It is a very good apartment, right in the center of town, with its own parking, which is a huge plus. I have replaced all the flooring to meet with the demands of the market. I had the place repainted. I had Molly Maid go in there to make it squeaky clean. So why is it a lemon? It is a senior retirement pad. I need to find the right crumply to want to live in it.

I am so hoping this place if off my back and that noting else can go wrong. I would like to be able to get on with my life without fretting about this. Crosses fingers.

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