How to start twitching in one.

I admit I am a hopeless tweaker. I write something and then I tweak it, let it sit and tweak it again … and again … and again. I am at the stage of editing with my second book that I must take my mitts out of the cookie jar and leave it alone. I cannot touch this book any more unless asked to fix something. And now I am twitching. 

I have a wonderful editor, who I trust implicitly and who has come up with some stunning suggestions I hope I have implemented to the full. Now comes the tough part. I cannot go back in and tweak those places unless I am asked. Twitch, twitch. 

I know I must let go of my baby for release into the big world. It is very similar to seeing children leave home for the first time. They are all grown up and need to begin the next phase of their life as independent adults. Part of this is huge pride in the child’s progress and the other part is the wailing for the lost baby. So I twitch and fidget and cross my fingers that the tweaks I have put in are ok. 

Yes, I will be a good person and not bug others doing their jobs. I know I am going to be very pleased with the finished result. The care and depth of understanding that has gone into this book via my wonderful editor, Zoe Harris, at Kristall Ink leaves me in no doubts on this score. I know my precious baby is in very good hands and yet the urge to still tweak is stunning. So I wait to see if there is anything else required and I twitch, although I know in my heart that this book is going to be a million times better.

I will be fine once Shadow Over Avalon has gone out of the door and that is the end of it for me as far as writing goes. At that point, this is a done deal and there is no possibility of tweaking.  Thirteen days to release. Twitch, twitch. 

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