Back burner project.

To be honest, this is just one of my back burner projects, but it happens to be the one speaking to me the most. Here is the premise.


Ella, reeling from the sudden and unexpected ending to her marriage, is taken hostage by a man said to be an escaped and dangerous psychopath, but is he? He claims to be hijacked from another time. He backs his claim with a demonstration of magic: real magic, not legerdemain. 

Mordred, snatched from a battle with his ultimate enemy, tries to come to terms with a modern world beyond his comprehension. Weakened by what he considers cruel and unnatural treatment in an asylum, his goal is to find a place of wild magic. He needs to recharge his power to return to his battle. Mordred is not just a warrior; he is the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Not only law enforcement seeks these two. Each of them have their own dangerous and unwelcome threats. When the past meets the future, who will survive and how? Unless each of them can adapt to the unthinkable, they have no hope. Nor do others imprisoned in an ancient trap. This is a race against time, both linear and transitory. The winner takes all.’ 

Fifty thousand words in and about halfway there. I must say I am enjoying the research into this story, but this does not mean to say I am not working on other projects. The sequel for Darkspire Reaches is at 20k and going strong. I also have another urban fantasy at about the same stage.

My next book out the door is Shadow Over Avalon with a release date of October 31st and I am into edits with this one. Loving every minute of the process, too. Kristell Ink already have the finished book two in this series and book three is halfway there, though I haven’t opened the file for a coon’s age. I am told Sword of Shadows will be released sometime in 2014.

Sorry I haven’t been around much on the social media lately, but I am busy with the edits and am fighting a cold. So far, I am winning by a gnat’s whisker on the cold. The edits are doing fine and I really have to give my full attention to these. When I get a moment, I need to construct a blurb for book two in the Shadow series. Wish me luck and see you all on the other side. 

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