On Technology.

I am beginning to see the advantages of a mac over a pc in the course of the editing process. Yes, I would really, really like all the smart keys. It still boils down to keyboard size for me. I have yet to find a mac that will accommodate touch typing.

Ok, so I am a dinosaur, who learned to touch type on a typewriter. Anyone remember one of those?  I avoided Microsoft laptops until the keyboard was of a compatible size. And yes, I have tried out macs and have found them too cramped for me.  Note, I am looking at the screen as I type and not the keyboard. Each finger has a certain stretch and a designated number of letters or numerals.  Cramping causes errors and is irritating as it wastes time. When I write, it is a flow I don’t want interrupted by having to stop and correct a wrongly struck key because it was too condensed. Maybe one day a mac could accommodate me? I hope this will be the case. In the meantime, this dinosaur will continue to put up with the short falls of Microsoft because the keyboards work.

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