Wonderful year.

This weekend marks the end of a very eventual year. Three daughters married, one book published, two stories published in an anthology and a wonderful new grandson. My cup runneth over. My thanks has to go out to my publishers for accommodating my spinney moments caused by joyful personal events.

With my gorgeous grandson’s shower this weekend now successfully completed, I can go back to normality, although I will be taking time out to visit my treasure and his momma.

I have work projects I need to accomplish and yes, I know I owe. I will be ramping up to full speed ahead, beginning with the publication of my second book, Shadow Over Avalon on Halloween. This is a very appropriate timing because do I ever have nasty things that go bump in the night in this books.

If anyone would like a signed author copy from me, then let me know, here, on facebook, or my personal email and I will see it happens. The price from me will be 20% off the RRP, plus the postage to wherever. I will include a postcard of the cover and a bookmark for these special orders. I also have a few author copies left of Darkspire Reaches available with the same deal.


1 thought on “Wonderful year.

  1. Jane Risdon

    What a fabulous year. Congratulations and well done on being published and on becoming a nanna. How lovely. Sorry I have not been responding to your visits and likes, I have been struggling to move let alone type…but I am now catching up with everyone. Just wanted to thank you for your visits to my blog and to say I shall be more active and will be back as and when I can. Still not fixed but fed-up with waiting for the surgeon to start… grinning and bearing it for now. Lots of success and more happy days. 🙂


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