The indescribably moment when …

That moment when one receives an update from and finds one’s last remaining uncle passed away in June. Yes, I am in touch with family. I send them xmas cards and we have talked on email. In fact we talked in early spring of this year, when I found out my uncle was going downhill. But I found out through an update. Under normal circumstances I would have bought a card of condolence for each of my cousins and written out a letter of sympathy for their loss. As is, I sent an email expressing my belated sympathy for the loss.

On a more cheerful note, I was playing with my professional picture on Microsoft Picture Premium Plus. I really don’t like my freckles and was trying to Photoshop them out. When I reduced down the picture I found I had made myself look like a parrot. LOL. I think I will change the thing to sepia instead.

I have been working on edits for a project all day and waiting for UPS to deliver something my husband ordered from Amazon. It was supposed to be delivered today. Mmm, right. We found out they had left it in the depot so it is coming out tomorrow. I hope the courier comes early as I really, really need to get to the post office as there is something I urgently have to send.

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