I have a little non- fiction piece up on readwave at the moment. It is a capsule in time and my recollections of then as it happened. This is through the eyes of an eight-year -old child and this is the perspective. I am well aware that putting it up in a public domain mean the first rights are shot and it is unsaleable.

It seems readwave have gotten themselves a lot of staff readers. They all seem to have zeroed in on my harmless little idly. After a slurry of suggestions for vamping the piece up, which would be appropriate if it were fiction and for sale, I post that it is non-fiction and on a non-fiction page. The very next comment I get is ‘is this non-fiction?’ Face palm.

There was also the interesting grammatical correction seriously suggesting I put a comma in front of the word ‘that’. Had I used ‘which’ I would have understood the need for a comma. One wonders if this person’s mind has ever been violated by Strunk and White, or the Chicago Manuel of style. Perhaps not.

Speech may be silver, but sometimes silence is golden.

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