Dissolving Bankers into fits of giggles.

My visa is about to expire so I called my bankers today to activate my new card. Ok, so I admit I am bad and this gets worse if I have to do boring things. I love my bank, but boring this was as they had been instructed to give a long sales pitch to make me agree to pay 99c per month to protect my balance in case of death/dismemberment/redundancy, et al. I tried three times to explain that I kept my card instantly paid off and my balance was always zero. Off the spiel would rattle again and my badness was now activated by boredom. I took one last shot.

“Hon, when I pop my clogs with a zero balance, which I always have, it is hardly going to cause the bank any grief.”

That did it. She tried very hard to repress it and couldn’t. The giggles permeated the rest of the conversation. It is always great to see bankers have a very human side.

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