Life is stranger than fiction.

So the doorbell rings this afternoon. I am suspicious as we have a series of religious nut bars doing the rounds but this is one guy, not a guy and a woman. Always a bad sign for a ‘Hi, how are you doing and what do you think of the state of the world today.’  This was a nice guy selling a plan for power regulation. Anyhow, in the course of conversation he mentions the stack of books I have on my livingroom table and asks if I am an author.

He writes poetry and has been published. Naturally, we talk shop. He goes away with one of my postcards for Darkspire Reaches as he asked for my website. I also gave him links to sites that publish poetry. is a good market tool amongst others. Yes, I did direct him to the Abyss and Apex with the rider that the work must be fantasy or sci fi. He is also going to be looking at Scrivener as a working tool.

I had the impression he was dead serious when he wrote down the links on the back of my promo card. Interesting afternoon.

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