Planting today

I have been waiting for this moment forever and got tempted. Today I bought enough basket stuffers to complete three hanging baskets and one container. I know I have to either bring these in or cover them before nightfall. It is quite possible we will get more frosts. Crosses fingers that we don’t.

Claude, the petunia, goes out on the deck. He is a greenish white flowering petunia and already huge. No, I don’t talk to him, but I do send good vibes in his direction. He is the first petunia I have ever grown from seed and he is a wave form. Yeah.

I haven’t touched my deck planters, or my porch planters, or my garage planters and still need to get my tomato plants in. This is something that can wait a little. The baskets do need to be started early for a good show, and yes, they do need to be babied.

My husband came over to move the one deck planter I have completed as it is large and heavy. His comment was ‘You are in your element here.’ Um yes. I suppose I could have used a hand shovel to plant my stuff but I like to feel the dirt in my hands. In any case, I need to feel if the roots are well tamped down, especially Claude’s. I’ll post picture of him if he survives. Crosses fingers. This time of year is so iffy.

We also purchased a new deck table and umbrella. I did suggest the dh look at the instructions. Really I did. He had to take the thing apart and redo it after he put the legs on back to front. Far be it from me to interfere with a man thing. Still, it is a very nice table. We sat outside for a bit, when he finished putting it together and I finished messing with my plants. Most pleasant with the trees and bushes just about to burst into flower. I have a Kelsey Crabapple, two Mayday trees, a Nanking cherry, an apricot tree and two Sea buckthorn. My ferns, hostas and astilbe are emerging and I can see daffodils and tulips emerging. Spring is my favorite of all times.  

Not decided on what I want for my other pots as yet. I was looking for the black and yellow stripped petunia, but didn’t see any of those. The new color seems to be a rose and lemon, which looks tired to me. Back to the drawing board on that one.

No veggie patch. I have a mature garden and there are too many tree roots to get one going. Still, I shall grow tomatoes on the deck in pots. I also always grow herbs and have some growing on from seed. Not as impressive as Claude, but not bad.

Since our deck has a power outlet, I will be able to sit out there and write in the clement weather. I am looking forward to this. I expect the very bad cat is also anticipating his limited freedom via his harness and leash. I really have to be out there with him to make sure he is safe and doesn’t get tangled up.

My task for tomorrow or Monday? Water the yard. I don’t see my clematis starting up yet and need them to have a boost. I do see my hollyhocks coming up and they must be thirsty by now.   

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