Immortality? You can keep it.

There was a recent news article about a Russian billionaire who imagines he can transfer his consciousness to an avatar in 2045. Wonderful, but has he thought if all the way through? What makes life special? Eating, drinking, relationships, family bonds, experiences … the list goes on.

How is an avatar to accomplish this? No idea. A non body would not eat, drink, etc. Another consideration is the status of power needed to keep the thing thriving. What happens in a power outage? Generators are all well and good, but supposing a meteor strikes? Ok, take it to the nth degree and equip the avatar with solar power. What happens when the sun dies, or the planet?

Just looking back over the previous century has given a huge leap of technology. We adapt by evolving. The very elder generation cannot assimilate new tech. It is beyond them. How would an immortal avatar fare? No idea. Would eternal life equate to boredom and inadequacy? Anyone’s guess.

Good luck to the guy in getting what he wants. There is a saying about being careful what you wish for.  

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